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Advanced light-scattering materials: Double-textured ZnO:B films grown by LP-MOCVD 1-gen-2013 Spadoni, A| Antonaia,, A.; Addonizio, M. L.
Enhanced electrical stability of LP-MOCVD-deposited ZnO:B layers by means of plasma etching treatment 1-gen-2013 Antonaia, A.; Addonizio, M. L.
Approximate analysis of optical properties for ZnO rough surfaces 1-gen-2014 Antonaia, A.; Addonizio, M
Refractive index measurement in TCO layers for micro optoelectronic devices 1-gen-2014 Gambale, E.; Antonaia, A.; Addonizio, M.
Synthesis of silicon quantum dots in zinc silicate matrix by low-temperature process: Optical, structural and electrical characterization 1-gen-2014 Addonizio, M. L.; Castaldo, A.; Antonaia, A.
Sol-gel synthesis of ZnO transparent conductive films: The role of pH 1-gen-2014 Addonizio, M. L.
Adhesion and structural stability enhancement for Ag layers deposited on steel in selective solar coatings technology 25-set-2014 D'Angelo, Antonio; Guglielmo, Antonio; Castaldo, Anna; Addonizio, Maria Luisa; Ferrara, Manuela; Esposito, Salvatore; Antonaia, Alessandro
Effect of the RF sputtering power on microstructural, optical and electrical properties of Al doped ZnO thin films 1-gen-2015 Addonizio, M. L.; Spadoni, A.
Optimization of surface morphology and scattering properties of TCO/AIT textured glass front electrode for thin film solar cells 1-gen-2015 Usatii, I.; Cominale, F.; Antonaia, A.; Fusco, L.; Addonizio, M. L.
Preparation method of double-textured ZnO:B films deposited by MOCVD on plasma etched polymer buffer 1-gen-2015 Fusco, L.; Addonizio, M. L.
Accelerated aging tests on ENEA-ASE solar coating for receiver tube suitable to operate up to 550 °c 1-gen-2016 Guglielmo, A.; Ferrara, M.; Castaldo, A.; Addonizio, M. L.; Esposito, S.; Antonaia, A.
Optimization procedure and fabrication of highly efficient and thermally stable solar coating for receiver operating at high temperature 1-gen-2016 Guglielmo, A.; Addonizio, M. L.; Ferrara, M.; Castaldo, A.; Antonaia, A.; Esposito, S.
Rf-sputtered aluminium doped zinc oxide films: Enhanced damp heat stability by means of plasma etching treatment 1-gen-2016 Spadoni, A.; Antonaia, A.; Fusco, L.; Addonizio, M. L.
Determining the optical properties of Transparent and Conductive Oxides for thin film solar cells 1-gen-2017 Addonizio, M. L.
Plasma etched c-Si wafer with proper pyramid-like nanostructures for photovoltaic applications 1-gen-2019 Fusco, L.; Antonaia, A.; Addonizio, M. L.
Amorphous hybrid TiO2 thin films: The role of organic ligands and UV irradiation 1-gen-2020 Addonizio, M. L.; Aronne, A.; Imparato, C.
Microstructure evolution of room-temperature-sputtered ITO films suitable for silicon heterojunction solar cells 1-gen-2020 Addonizio, M. L.; Gambale, E.; Antonaia, A.
Hydrogen-doped In2O3 for silicon heterojunction solar cells: Identification of a critical threshold for water content and rf sputtering power 1-gen-2021 Addonizio, M. L.; Spadoni, A.; Antonaia, A.; Usatii, I.; Bobeico, E.
Air-stable low-emissive AlN-Ag based coatings for energy-efficient retrofitting of existing windows 1-gen-2021 Addonizio, M. L.; Ferrara, M.; Castaldo, A.; Antonaia, A.
Textured p-type crystalline silicon surfaces obtained by multi-step plasma process for SHJ solar cells 1-gen-2023 Addonizio, M. L.; Antonaia, A.
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