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X-ray induced DNA damage and repair in germ cells of PARP1-/- male mice 1-gen-2013 Cordelli, E.; Pacchierotti, F.; Paris, L.; Eleuteri, P.; Ranaldi, R.; Fresegna, A. M.; Villani, P.
Analysis of chromosome aberrations in somatic and germ cells of the mouse 1-gen-2013 Stocchi, V.; Pacchierotti, F.
Biodistribution and acute toxicity of a nanofluid containing manganese iron oxide nanoparticles produced by a mechanochemical process 1-gen-2014 Pacchierotti, F.; Cremisini, C.; Nardi, E.; Leter, G.; Grollino, M. G.; Pasquo, A.; Mancuso, M.; Padella, F.; La Barbera, A.; Bellusci, M.
Genetic and epigenetic effects of environmental mutagens and carcinogens 1-gen-2015 Pacchierotti, F.
Genomic instability: Crossing pathways at the origin of structural and numerical chromosome changes 1-gen-2015 Pacchierotti, F.
Approaches for identifying germ cell mutagens: Report of the 2013 IWGT workshop on germ cell assays(☆) 1-gen-2015 Pacchierotti, F.
Environmental Impact on DNA Methylation in the Germline: State of the Art and Gaps of Knowledge 1-gen-2015 Spanò, M.; Pacchierotti, F.
Transgenerational inheritance of enhanced susceptibility to radiation-induced medulloblastoma in newborn Ptch1+/- mice after paternal irradiation 1-gen-2015 Pacchierotti, F.; Mancuso, M.; Benassi, B.; Cordelli, E.; Tanno, B.; Leonardi, S.
Bisphenol a effects on mammalian oogenesis and epigenetic integrity of oocytes: A case study exploring risks of endocrine disrupting chemicals 1-gen-2015 Pacchierotti, F.
Genotoxicity induced by foetal and infant exposure to magnetic fields and modulation of ionising radiation effects 1-gen-2015 Villani, P.; Eleuteri, P.; Cordelli, E.; Pacchierotti, F.
Exposure to persistent organic pollutants and sperm DNA methylation changes in Arctic and European populations 1-gen-2016 Spanò, M.; Eleuteri, P.; Pacchierotti, F.; Leter, G.; Consales, C.
The adverse outcome pathway (AOP) for chemical binding to tubulin in oocytes leading to aneuploid offspring 1-gen-2016 Pacchierotti, F.
Study of TiO2 P25nanoparticles genotoxicity on lung, blood, and liver cells in lung overload andnon-overload conditionsafter repeated respiratory exposure in rats 1-gen-2017 Pacchierotti, F.; Eleuteri, P.; Cordelli, E.
Cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and gene expression changes elicited by exposure of human hepatic cells to Ginkgo biloba leaf extract 1-gen-2017 Pacchierotti, F.; Villani, P.; Cordelli, E.; Raschellà, G.; Grollino, M. G.
Rad54/Rad54B deficiency is associated to increased chromosome breakage in mouse spermatocytes 1-gen-2018 Pacchierotti, F.; Salvitti, T.; Cordelli, E.
Critical issues in genotoxicity assessment of TiO2 nanoparticles by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells 1-gen-2018 Pacchierotti, F.; Leter, G.
Clinical and genomic safety of treatment with Ginkgo biloba L. leaf extract (IDN 5933/Ginkgoselect®Plus) in elderly: A randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial [GiBiEx] 1-gen-2018 Cordelli, E.; Panatta, M.; Villani, P.; Pacchierotti, F.; Benassi, B.
Air quality modeling and inhalation health risk assessment for a new generation coal-fired power plant in Central Italy 1-gen-2018 Vitali, L.; Uccelli, R.; Spanò, M.; Russo, F.; Pacchierotti, F.; Lombardi, C.; D'Isidoro, M.; Cremona, G.; Ciancarella, L.; Cappelletti, A.; Briganti, G.; Adani, M.; Piersanti, A.
Is it the time to study air pollution effects under environmental conditions? A case study to support the shift of in vitro toxicology from the bench to the field. 1-gen-2018 Zanini, G.; Pacchierotti, F.; Stracquadanio, M.; Raschellà, G.; Petralia, E.; Cordelli, E.; Consales, C.; Grollino, M. G.; Gualtieri, M.
Role of aneuploidy in the carcinogenic process: Part 3 of the report of the 2017 IWGT workgroup on assessing the risk of aneugens for carcinogenesis and hereditary diseases 1-gen-2019 Tweats, D.; Eastmond, D. A.; Lynch, A. M.; Elhajouji, A.; Froetschl, R.; Kirsch-Volders, M.; Marchetti, F.; Masumura, K.; Pacchierotti, F.; Schuler, M.
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