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Transgenic plants expressing functional "Single Chain Fv" antibody are specifically protected from virus attack 2-dic-1993 Galeffi, Patrizia; Cattaneo, Antonino; De Martinis, Domenico; Trinca, Stefania; Benvenuto, Eugenio; Tavladoraki, Paraskevi
Structure and dynamics of the anti-AMCV scFv(F8): effects of selected mutations on the antigen combining site 1-gen-2008 Rosato, Vittorio; Galeffi, Patrizia; Cantale, Cristina; Arcangeli, Caterina
Understanding Structural/Functional Properties of Immunoconjugates for Cancer Therapy by Computational Approaches 1-gen-2008 Arcangeli, Caterina; Cantale, Cristina; Galeffi, Patrizia; Gianese, Giulio; Paparcone, Raffaella; Rosato, Vittorio
Bacterial Cytoplasm Production of an EGFP-Labeled Single-Chain Fv Antibody Specific for the HER2 Human Receptor 1-gen-2011 Lombardi, Alessio; Gianese, Giulio; Arcangeli, Caterina; Galeffi, Patrizia; Sperandei, Maria
Dependence of nanoparticle-cell recognition efficiency on the surface orientation of scFv targeting ligands 1-gen-2013 Galeffi, P.
Variability and expression profile of the DRF1 gene in four cultivars of durum wheat and one triticale under moderate water stress conditions 1-gen-2013 Galeffi, P.; Arcangeli, C.; Cantale, C.; Sperandei, M.; Latini, A.
Genomic characterization of phenylalanine ammonia lyase gene in buckwheat 1-gen-2016 Brunori, A.; Presenti, O.; Antonini, A.; Del Fiore, A.; Procacci, S.; Nobili, C.; De Rossi, P.; Cantale, C.; Vitali, F.; Galeffi, P.
Structural characterization of the DRF1 gene of Aegilops speltoides and comparison of its sequence with those of B and other Triticeae genomes 1-gen-2020 Thiyagarajan, K.; Latini, A.; Cantale, C.; Galeffi, P.
Phenotyping of Different Italian Durum Wheat Varieties in Early Growth Stage With the Addition of Pure or Digestate-Activated Biochars 1-gen-2021 Latini, A.; Fiorani, F.; Galeffi, P.; Cantale, C.; Bevivino, A.; Jablonowski, N. D.
Expression Analysis of the TdDRF1 Gene in Field-Grown Durum Wheat under Full and Reduced Irrigation 1-gen-2022 Latini, A.; Cantale, C.; Thiyagarajan, K.; Ammar, K.; Galeffi, P.
Genetics and Evolution of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants 1-gen-2023 Galeffi, P.
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