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Mechanochemical synthesis of manganese cobalt spinel as interconnector protective coating material. First experimental findings. 1-gen-2013 Reale, P.; Padella, F.; Mcphail, S. J.; Bellusci, M.
Lithium Alanates as Negative Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries 1-gen-2015 Labarbera, A.; Silvestri, L.; Reale, P.
Reactivity of Sodium Alanates in Lithium Batteries 1-gen-2015 Reale, P.; Padella, F.
Origin of the Voltage Hysteresis of MgH2 Electrodes in Lithium Batteries 1-gen-2015 Reale, P.
H2 thermal desorption and hydride conversion reactions in Li cells of TiH2/C amorphous nanocomposites 1-gen-2015 Reale, P.
Electrochemical activity of lightweight borohydrides in lithium cells 1-gen-2015 Reale, P.; La Barbera, A.
Protective coating from manganese cobalt oxide powders obtained by high energy ball milling: Materials characterization and cell environment testing 1-gen-2015 Padella, F.; Rinaldi, A.; Reale, P.; Pumiglia, D.; Mcphail, S.; Bellusci, M.; Masi, A.
Cu-Fe substituted Mn-Co spinels by High Energy Ball Milling for interconnect coatings: insight on sintering properties 1-gen-2016 Masi, Andrea; Hong, Jong-Eun; Steinberger-Wilckens, Robert; Carlini, Maurizio; Bellusci, Mariangela; Padella, Franco; Reale, Priscilla
Lightweight borohydrides electro-activity in lithium cells 1-gen-2016 Reale, P.
Mechanochemical Processing of Mn and Co Oxides: An Alternative Way to Synthesize Mixed Spinels for Protective Coating 1-gen-2016 Reale, P.; Padella, F.; Mcphail, S. J.; Bellusci, M.; Masi, A.
Investigation of the effects of mechanochemical treatment on NaAlH4 based anode materials for Li-ion batteries 1-gen-2016 Reale, P.; Silvestri, L.
Hydrides as High Capacity Anodes in Lithium Cells: An Italian “Futuro in Ricerca di Base FIRB-2010” Project 1-gen-2017 Brutti, Sergio; Panero, Stefania; Paolone, Annalisa; Gatto, Sara; Meggiolaro, Daniele; Vitucci, Francesco; Manzi, Jessica; Munaò, David; Silvestri, Laura; Farina, Luca; Reale, Priscilla
An extensive study of the Mg–Fe–H material obtained by reactive ball milling of MgH2 and Fe in a molar ratio 3:1 1-gen-2017 Farina, L.; Brutti, S.; Trequattrini, F.; Palumbo, O.; Gatto, S.; Reale, P.; Silvestri, L.; Panero, S.; Paolone, A.
A high-power and fast charging Li-ion battery with outstanding cycle-life 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.
The effect of chemical composition on high temperature behaviour of Fe and Cu doped Mn-Co spinels 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.; Padella, F.; Mcphail, S. J.; Bellusci, M.
A mixed mechanochemical-ceramic solid-state synthesis as simple and cost effective route to high-performance LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 spinels. 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.
Magnesium hydride as negative electrode active material in lithium cells: A review 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.
Failure mechanism of NaAlH4 negative electrodes in lithium cells 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.; DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo
Cu-Mn-Co oxides as protective materials in SOFC technology: The effect of chemical composition on mechanochemical synthesis, sintering behaviour, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.; Padella, F.; Mcphail, S. J.; Bellusci, M.
NaAlH4 nanoconfinement in a mesoporous carbon for application in lithium ion batteries 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.; Silvestri, L.
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