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Thermodynamic model validation of Capstone C30 micro gas turbine 1-gen-2017 Gimelli, A.; Sannino, R.
Optimal design of modular cogeneration plants for hospital facilities and robustness evaluation of the results 1-gen-2017 Gimelli, A.; Muccillo, M.; Sannino, R.
Effects of uncertainties on the stability of the results of an optimal sized modular cogeneration plant 1-gen-2017 Gimelli, A.; Muccillo, M.; Sannino, R.
A vector optimization methodology applied to thermodynamic model calibration of a micro gas turbine CHP plant 1-gen-2018 Gimelli, A.; Sannino, R.
A multi-variable multi-objective methodology for experimental data and thermodynamic analysis validation: An application to micro gas turbines 1-gen-2018 Gimelli, A.; Sannino, R.
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Low Environmental Impact Pyro-Gasification System for the Energetic Valorization of Waste through a Biomass Steam Power Plant 1-gen-2020 Gimelli, Alfredo; Muccillo, Massimiliano; Sannino, Raniero; Braccio, Giacobbe; Capone, Vincenzo; Cornacchia, Giacinto; Manganiello, Matteo; Mongiello, Carmine; Sharma, Vinod Kumar
Micro gas turbine integrated with a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle turbine: Layout comparison and thermodynamic analysis 1-gen-2020 Reale, F.; Sannino, R.; Tuccillo, R.
Numerical study of a small-scale micro gas turbine-ORC power plant integrated with a biomass gasifier 1-gen-2020 Reale, F.; Sannino, R.; Calabria, R.; Massoli, P.
Water and steam injection in micro gas turbine supplied by hydrogen enriched fuels: Numerical investigation and performance analysis 1-gen-2021 Reale, F.; Sannino, R.
A micro gas turbine one-dimensional model: Approach description, calibration with a vector optimization methodology and validation 1-gen-2021 Gimelli, A.; Sannino, R.
Numerical Modeling of Energy Systems Based on Micro Gas Turbine: A Review 1-gen-2022 Reale, F.; Sannino, R.
Towards the objective of Net ZEB: Detailed energy analysis and cost assessment for new office buildings in Italy 1-gen-2023 Di Turi, S.; Ronchetti, L.; Sannino, R.
Thermal Loads Map and Overall Energy Analysis Depending on Low-Effort Parameters Change: A Commercial Building Case Study 1-gen-2023 Sannino, Raniero
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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