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Impedance-based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell testing as scalable and reliable Quality Control tool for cell and batch manufacturing: first findings 1-gen-2022 Pumiglia, D.; Della Pietra, M.; Ferrario Monforti, A.; Mc Phail, S.; Pylypko, S.
A methodological approach for energy demand assessment: theoretical analysis on solar thermal collector energy contribution 1-gen-2021 Palladino, Domenico; Lavinia, Carmen; Margiotta, Francesca; Pagliaro, Francesca
Microstructure analysis of laboratory and in-situ compacted silts 1-gen-2016 D'Onza, F.
A novel Carbon Capture and Utilisation concept applied to the ceramic industry 1-gen-2019 Saponelli, R.; Milani, M.; Montorsi, L.; Rimini, B.; Venturelli, M.; Stendardo, S.; Barbarossa, V.
Performance and Emissions Comparison between Biomethane and Natural Gas Fuel in Passenger Vehicles 1-gen-2020 Cignini, F.; Genovese, A.; Ortenzi, F.; Valentini, S.; Caprioli, A.
A Quasi-dimensional Numerical Investigation of the Scroll Expander of an Organic Rankine Cycle Unit 1-gen-2020 Cantiani, A.; Viggiano, A.; Fanelli, E.; Magi, V.
A renewable energy and hydrogen storage system for residential electricity supply 1-gen-2023 Di Micco, S.; Romano, F.; Lanni, D.; Perna, A.; Cigolotti, V.; Russo, M. T.; Miranda, C.; Minutillo, M.
Shading and layout influence on flats energy performance of an apartment building 1-gen-2020 Nardi, Iole; Sarcina, Marialisa
A study of heavy metals pollution in Italy with the atmospheric modelling system of the MINNI project 1-gen-2013 Zanini, G.; Vitali, L.; Mircea, M.
Systems layouts with additional heat storages for low-temperature PVT collectors assisting Heat Pumps for DHW production 1-gen-2022 Martorana, F.; Bonomolo, M.; Leone, G.; Beccali, M.; Di Pietra, B.
Thermochemical cycle based on solid intermediates for hydrogen storage and on-demand production 1-gen-2022 Tizzoni, A. C.; Mansi, E.; Sau, S.; Spadoni, A.; Corsaro, N.; Lanchi, M.; Giorgi, G.; Turchetti, L.; Delise, T.
Tool for supporting local energy strategies: forecasting energy plans with Artificial Neural Network in Umbria Region 1-gen-2021 Palladino, Domenico; Nardi, Iole
Mostrati risultati da 14 a 25 di 25
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