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Experimental sizing and assessment of two-phase pressure drop correlations for a capillary tube with transcritical and subcritical carbon dioxide flow 1-gen-2014 Zummo, G.; Celata, G. P.; Calabrese, N.; Boccardi, G.; Trinchieri, R.
Experimental studies with the improved CTS diagnostics on FTU and evidences of scattered wave signals with short time-scale. 1-gen-2015 Ramogida, G.; Cocilovo, V.; Belli, F.; D'Arcangelo, O.
Experimental study for Hlx concentration by electro-electrodialysis (EED) cells in the water splitting sulfur-iodine thermochemical cycle 1-apr-2016 Pozio, A.; Felici, C.; Sau, S.; Giaconia, A.; Caputo, G.
Experimental study of fusion neutron and proton yields produced by petawatt-laser-irradiated D2-3He or CD4-3He clustering gases 1-gen-2013 De Angelis, R.
Experimental study of mitigation systems to prevent Thermal Runaway of Li-ion Batteries 1-gen-2021 D'Annibale, F.; Menale, C.
Experimental Study of the 91Zr(n, gamma) Reaction up to 26 keV 1-ott-2008 Ventura, A.; Mengoni, A.
Experimental study of the propellant gas load required for pellet injection with ITER-relevant operating parameters 1-gen-2015 Migliori, S.; Frattolillo, A.
Experimental study of thermal crisis in connection with Tokamak reactor high heat flux components 1-gen-2000 Zummo, G.; Mariani, A.; Celata, G. P.
An experimental study on Sodalite and SAP matrices for immobilization of spent chloride salt waste 1-gen-2018 Fedeli, C.; Capone, M.
An experimental technique based on globe thermometers for the measurement of mean radiant temperature in urban settings 1-gen-2022 Banfi, A.; Tatti, A.; Ferrando, M.; Fustinoni, D.; Zanghirella, F.; Causone, F.
Experimental techniques for measuring the critical current in superconducting strands 1-gen-2014 Della Corte, A.; Viola, R.; Muzzi, L.; Zignani, C. F.; De Marzi, G.; Corato, V.
Experimental test campaign on a battery electric vehicle: Laboratory test results (part 1) 1-gen-2015 Genovese, A.; Ortenzi, F.
Experimental Test Campaign on a Battery Electric Vehicle: On-Road Test Results (Part 2) 1-gen-2015 Genovese, A.; Ortenzi, F.
Experimental test of a hot water storage system including a macro-encapsulated phase change material (PCM) 1-gen-2017 Graditi, G.; Di Somma, M.; Atrigna, M.; Mongibello, L.
Experimental test of characterization of an innovative thermal energy storage system based on low melting molten salt thermocline tank integrated with an oil exchanger 1-gen-2020 Gaggioli, W.; Liberatore, R.; Di Ascenzi, P.; Mazzei, D.; Russo, V.
Experimental test with polymeric membrane for the biogas purification from CO2 and H2S 1-gen-2014 Iovane, P.; Nanna, F.; Molino, A.
Experimental tests about the cooling/freezing of the molten salts in the receiver tubes of a solar power plant with parabolic trough 1-gen-2017 Di Ascenzi, P.; Rinaldi, L.; Fabrizi, F.; Gaggioli, W.
Experimental tests and post-test analysis of non-uniformly heated 19-pins fuel bundle cooled by Heavy Liquid Metal 1-gen-2019 Marinari, R.; Di Piazza, I.; Tarantino, M.; Angelucci, M.; Martelli, D.
Experimental tests and seismic performance of a concrete bridge 1-gen-2011 Impollonia, N.; Saitta, F.; Clemente, P.; Zito, S.
Experimental tests for evaluating the stability of a new nano-silica based protective for Sperone stone in comparison to traditional products 1-gen-2020 Pelosi, C.; Lanteri, L.; Agresti, G.; Rubino, G.; Persia, F.; Bonifazi, G.; Serranti, S.; Capobianco, G.
Mostrati risultati da 3.829 a 3.848 di 11.749
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