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Thermal-hydraulic and thermo-mechanical simulations of Water-Heavy Liquid Metal interactions towards the DEMO WCLL breeding blanket design 1-gen-2019 Di Maio, P. A.; Arena, P.; D'Aleo, F.; Del Nevo, A.; Eboli, M.; Forte, R.; Pesetti, A.
Thermal-hydraulic code-to-code benchmark in a simplified EBR-II geometry 1-gen-2013 Del Nevo, A.
Thermal-Hydraulic Design of Neutron Targets 23-lug-2001 Cevolani, S.
Thermal-Hydraulic Experimental Testing of the MYRRHA Wire-Wrapped Fuel Assembly 1-gen-2020 Kennedy, G.; Van Tichelen, K.; Pacio, J.; Di Piazza, I.; Uitslag-Doolaard, H.
Thermal-hydraulic modeling and analyses of the water-cooled EU DEMO using RELAP5 system code 1-gen-2019 Martelli, E.; Giannetti, F.; Ciurluini, C.; Caruso, G.; Del Nevo, A.
Thermal-hydraulic modeling and analysis of the Water Cooling System for the ITER Test Blanket Module 1-gen-2020 Ciurluini, C.; Giannetti, F.; Tincani, A.; Del Nevo, A.; Caruso, G.; Ricapito, I.; Cismondi, F.
Thermal-Hydraulic Passive System Reliability-Based Design Approach 1-set-2007 Burgazzi, L.
Thermal-hydraulic post-test analysis of the transition from forced to natural circulation in ICE test section 14-set-2011 Oriolo, F.; Barone, G.; Forgione, N.
Thermal-hydraulic pre-test analysis of ICE test section with WA-DHR 13-set-2011 Oriolo, F.; Martelli, D.; Forgione, N.; De Rosa, M.
Thermal-hydraulic study of the DEMO divertor cassette body cooling circuit equipped with a liner and two reflector plates 1-gen-2021 Di Maio, P. A.; Mazzone, G.; Quartararo, A.; Vallone, E.; You, J. H.
Thermal-hydraulic study of the Primary Heat Transport System of the DEMO Divertor Cassette Body 1-gen-2023 Castrovinci, F. M.; Barucca, L.; Basile, S.; Burlon, R.; Chiovaro, P.; Di Maio, P. A.; Giardina, M.; Quartararo, A.; Tincani, A.; Vallone, E.
Thermal-Hydraulic Test and Analysis of the ENEA TF Conductor Sample for the EU DEMO Fusion Reactor 1-gen-2018 Muzzi, L.; Corato, V.
Thermal-Hydraulics and Physics near Phebus Condenser, a Comparison between Codes and against some Experimental Data from FPT0 Test 19-apr-1999 De Rosa, F.
Thermal-Hydraulics Aspects of the IFMIF Neutron Source 7-apr-1998 Cevolani, S.
Thermal-Hydraulics of Corium Pools 23-lug-1999 Meloni, P.; Bandini, G.
Thermal-Mechanical Behaviour of the Reactor Pressure Vessel and Corium Molten Pool in a Severe Accident Core Melt Down 1-ago-1999 Milillo, F.; Miliozzi, A.; Caroli, C.
Thermal-mechanical test on ITER primary first wall mock-ups 1-nov-2002 Venturi, G.
Thermally cured semi-interpenetrating electrolyte networks (s-IPN) for safe and aging-resistant secondary lithium polymer batteries 1-gen-2016 Appetecchi, G. B.
Thermally induced behavior of the K-exchanged erionite: A further step in understanding the structural modifications of the erionite group upon heating 1-gen-2018 Montereali, M. R.; Nardi, E.; Cremisini, C.
Mostrati risultati da 11.111 a 11.130 di 12.027
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