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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
3D-CFD simulation of catalytic filter candles for particulate abatement and tar and methane steam reforming inside the freeboard of a gasifier 1-gen-2019 Savuto, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Gallucci, K.; Stendardo, S.; Rapagna, S.
Anaerobic dynamic membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment at ambient temperature 1-gen-2016 Spagni, A.
Analysis of fouling development under dynamic membrane filtration operation 1-gen-2017 Spagni, A.
Biological hydrogen production via dark fermentation by using a side-stream dynamic membrane bioreactor: Effect of substrate concentration 1-gen-2018 Spagni, A.
COx free hydrogen production through water-gas shift reaction in different hybrid multifunctional reactors 1-gen-2019 Tosti, S.
Effect of solid retention time on sludge filterability and biomass activity: Long-term experiment on a pilot-scale membrane bioreactor treating municipal wastewater 1-gen-2013 Spagni, A.; Ferraris, M.; Sabia, G.
Experimental and theoretical investigation on the recovery of green chemicals and energy from mixed agricultural wastes by coupling anaerobic digestion and supercritical water gasification 1-gen-2019 Molino, A.; De Gisi, S.; Petta, L.; Franzese, A.; Casella, P.; Marino, T.; Notarnicola, M.
Fluidized bed reactor assisted by Oxygen Transport Membranes: Numerical simulation and experimental hydrodynamic study 1-gen-2019 Antonini, T.; Di Carlo, A.; Foscolo, P. U.; Gallucci, K.; Stendardo, S.
From sorption-enhanced reactor to sorption-enhanced membrane reactor: A step towards H2 production optimization through glycerol steam reforming 1-gen-2019 Silva, J. M.; Ribeiro, L. S.; Orfao, J. J. M.; Tosti, S.; Soria, M. A.; Madeira, L. M.
Increasing CO2 carrying capacity of dolomite by means of thermal stabilization by triggered calcination 1-gen-2015 Stendardo, S.
Modeling and validation of a modular multi-lamp photo-reactor for cetylpyridinium chloride degradation by UV and UV/H2O2 processes 1-gen-2019 Russo, D.; Tammaro, M.; Salluzzo, A.; Andreozzi, R.; Marotta, R.
Production of hydrogen in a Pd-membrane reactor via catalytic reforming of olive mill wastewater 1-gen-2015 Tosti, S.
Raw materials recovery from spent hydrochloric acid-based galvanizing wastewater 1-gen-2018 Pietrelli, L.
Self-activation and effect of regeneration conditions in CO2-carbonate looping with CaO-Ca12Al14O33 sorbent 1-gen-2013 Stendardo, S.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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