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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Acomparison of radon and its decay products' behaviour in indoor air 1-gen-2014 Cardellini, F.
Activation inventories after exposure to Dd/Dt neutrons in safety analysis of nuclear fusion installations 1-gen-2018 Batistoni, P.
Air kerma to hp(3) conversion coefficients for photons from 10 kev to mev, caliculated in a cylindrical phantom 1-gen-2013 Mariotti, F.; Ferrari, P.; Fantuzzi, E.; Gualdrini, G.
Bioinformatic analysis of dose and time-dependent miRNome responses 1-gen-2019 Babini, G.; Tanno, B.; De Stefano, I.; Giardullo, P.; Leonardi, S.; Pasquali, E.; Baiocco, G.; Ottolenghi, A.; Mancuso, M.
'BioQuaRT' project: Design of a novel In Situ protocol for the simultaneous visualisation of chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei after irradiation at microbeam facilities 1-gen-2015 Testa, A.; Pinto, M.; Patrono, C.
Characterization of 27 mev proton beam generated by top-implart linear accelerator 1-gen-2018 Vadrucci, M.; Trinca, E.; Ronsivalle, C.; Piccinini, M.; Picardi, L.; Montereali, R. M.; Ampollini, A.
Early effects comparison of X rays delivered at high-dose-rate pulses by a plasma focus device and at low dose rate on human tumour cells 1-gen-2015 Rocchi, F.
EDEL: ENEA dosemeter for eye lens 1-gen-2016 Campani, L.; Mariotti, F.; Ferrari, P.
EURADOS IC2012N: EURADOS 2012 intercomparison for whole-body neutron dosimetry 1-gen-2014 Fantuzzi, E.
Eurados IC2012N: Further information derived from an eurados international comparison of neutron personal dosemeters 1-gen-2016 Fantuzzi, E.
Eurados intercomparison on emergency radiobioassay 1-gen-2015 Giardina, I.; Battisti, P.
Eurados intercomparisons in external radiation dosimetry: Similarities and differences among exercises for whole-body photon, whole-body neutron, extremity, eye-lens and passive area dosemeters 1-gen-2016 Fantuzzi, E.
EURADOS STRATEGIC RESEARCH AGENDA 2020: VISION for the DOSIMETRY of IONISING RADIATION 1-gen-2021 Harrison, R. M.; Ainsbury, E.; Alves, J.; Bottollier-Depois, J. -F.; Breustedt, B.; Caresana, M.; Clairand, I.; Fantuzzi, E.; Fattibene, P.; Gilvin, P.; Hupe, O.; Knezevic, Z.; Lopez, M. A.; Olko, P.; Olsovcova, V.; Rabus, H.; Ruhm, W.; Silari, M.; Stolarczyk, L.; Tanner, R.; Vanhavere, F.; Vargas, A.; Woda, C.
Eurados strategic research agenda: Vision for dosimetry of ionising radiation 1-gen-2016 Fantuzzi, E.
Eurados-ideas guidelines (version 2) for the estimation of committed doses from incorporation monitoring data 1-gen-2016 Castellani, C. M.
Exposure to magnetic fields of railway engine drivers: A case study in Italy 1-gen-2010 Contessa, G. M.; Falsaperla, R.; Brugaletta, V.; Rossi, P.
Fluence to Hp (3) conversion coefficients for neutrons from thermalto 15 mev 1-gen-2013 Ferrari, P.; Gualdrini, G.
GHSI emergency radionuclide bioassay laboratory network: Summary of a recent exercise 1-gen-2016 Giardina, I.; Battisti, P.
Glioblastoma stem cells: Radiobiological response to ionising radiations of different qualities 1-gen-2015 Balduzzi, M.
Hp(3)/f conversion coefficients for neutrons: Discussion on the basis of the new icrp recommended limit forthe eye lens 1-gen-2014 Fantuzzi, E.; Gualdrini, G.; Ferrari, P.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 26
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