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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The (n, α) reaction in the s-process branching point 59Ni 1-gen-2014 Ventura, A.; Mengoni, A.
N-Alkyl-N-ethylpyrrolidinium cation-based ionic liquid electrolytes for safer lithium battery systems 1-gen-2016 Appetecchi, G. B.; Simonetti, E.
N-glycan engineering of a plant-produced anti-CD20-hIL-2 immunocytokine significantly enhances its effector functions 1-gen-2018 Pioli, C.; Morrocchi, E.; Novelli, F.
The n-TOF facility: Neutron beams for challenging future measurements at CERN 1-gen-2017 Mengoni, A.
N6-isopentenyladenosine and analogs activate the NRF2-mediated antioxidant response 1-gen-2014 Saran, A.; Mancuso, M.
The n_TOF Facility at CERN: Performances and First Physics Results 26-set-2004 Ventura, A.; Capote, R.; Abbondanno, U.
The n_TOF Total Absorption Calorimeter for Neutron Capture Measurements at CERN 1-set-2009 Ventura, A.
NaAlH4 nanoconfinement in a mesoporous carbon for application in lithium ion batteries 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.; Silvestri, L.
NACIE-UP post-test simulations by CFD codes 1-gen-2020 Pucciarelli, A.; Barone, G.; Forgione, N.; Galleni, F.; Martelli, D.
Nanocluster superstructures or nanoparticles? the self-consuming scaffold decides 1-gen-2018 Pilloni, L.
Nanocomposite polymer carbon-black coating for triggering pyro-electrohydrodynamic inkjet printing 1-gen-2015 Minarini, C.; Villani, F.; Loffredo, F.; Nenna, G.
Nanocomposites from block copolymer lamellar nanostructures and selective gold deposition 1-gen-2013 Morvillo, P.
Nanodiamond addition to chemical solution deposited YBa2Cu3O7-δ film: effect on structural and superconducting properties 1-gen-2020 Pinto, V.; Vannozzi, A.; Angrisani Armenio, A.; Celentano, G.; De Angelis, M.; Rizzo, F.; Carcione, R.; Domenici, F.; Palmieri, D.; Politi, S.; Tomellini, M.; Orlanducci, S.
Nanofabrication tools and techniques for bio-inorganic interfaces 1-gen-2014 Morales, P.; Rapone, B.; Gagliardi, S.; Spinella, K.; Mosiello, L.; Dalmastri, C.; Cantale, C.
Nanofiltration of low-contaminated textile rinsing effluents for on-site treatment and reuse 1-set-2005 Mattioli, D.; Giordano, A.; De Florio, L.
Nanog-driven cell-reprogramming and self-renewal maintenance in Ptch1 +/- granule cell precursors after radiation injury 1-gen-2017 Mancuso, M.; Saran, A.; Pasquali, E.; Leonardi, S.; Tanno, B.
Nanoindentation and scratch behaviour of Ni–P electroless coatings 1-gen-2020 Valentini, R.; Cavaliere, P.; Valerini, D.
Nanomaterials for conservation of artistic stones: Performance and removal tests by laser cleaning 1-gen-2017 Persia, F.; Giancristofaro, C.; Bonfigli, F.; Caneve, L.; Spizzichino, V.; D'Amato, R.
Nanoparticles based sunscreens provoke adverse effects on marine microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta 1-gen-2018 Oliviero, M.; Schiavo, S.; Manzo, S.
Nanoparticles in biomedicine: New insights from plant viruses 1-gen-2013 Baschieri, S.; Lico, C.
Mostrati risultati da 6.367 a 6.386 di 10.740
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