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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Surrogate modelling to minimize contact resistance of HTS ReBCO terminations 1-gen-2014 Della Corte, A.; Augieri, A.; Celentano, G.; Tomassetti, G.
Survey and solutions for potential cost reduction in the design and construction process of nearly zero energy multi-family houses 1-gen-2019 Zinzi, M.; Mattoni, B.; Bisegna, F.
Survey delle moderne soluzioni per database 1-gen-2019 Puccini, M.; Iannone, F.; Migliori, S; Mongelli, M.
A survey of ancient geotechnical engineering techniques in subfoundation preparation 1-gen-2014 Carpani, Bruno
Survey of electric power supplies used in nuclear fusion experiments 1-gen-2017 Lampasi, A.
Survey of Natural and Anthropogenic Radioactivity in Environmental Samples from Yugoslavia 1-gen-2002 Esposito, M.; Bartolomei, P.
A survey on emergency thyroid monitoring strategies and capacities in Europe and comparison with international recommendations 1-gen-2019 Monteiro Gil, O.; Youngman, M.; Vaz, P.; Angus, P.; Battisti, P.; Berkovskyy, V.; Bonchuk, Y.; Broggio, D.; Brudecki, K.; Dabrowski, K.; de Groot, T. J. H.; Fojtik, P.; Franck, D.; Jaworska, A.; Jourquin, F.; Jug, N.; Konyi, J. K.; Krajewska, G.; Lebacq, A. L.; Leenders, M.; Lepasson, M.; Lopez, M. A.; Malatova, I.; Martins, J. O.; Meisenberg, O.; Osko, J.; Pazmandi, T.; Peace, M. S.; Rosario, P.; Solny, P.; Stenstrom, M.; Stoyanov, O.; Tormo, M. L.; Urboniene, A.; Vagfoldi, Z.; Vasilenko, V.; Willens, P.; Zagyvai, P.
Survey on FPT-3 Objectives and Pre-Test Analyses 20-mar-2000 Ederli, S.; Repetto, G.; Clement, B.
Survey-based analysis of the electrical energy demand in Italian households 1-gen-2018 Puglisi, G.; Caldera, M.
«Surviving monotony and repetitiveness at Hawthorne Works: The case of Geraldina “Jennie” Sirchio (1907-1992) and the other migrant girls in the test-room» 1-gen-2020 Salerno, S.
Sustainability assessment of bioenergy at different scales: An emergy analysis of biogas power production 1-gen-2020 Spagnolo, S.; Chinellato, G.; Cristiano, S.; Zucaro, A.; Gonella, F.
Sustainability issues of plutonium recycling in light water reactors: Code evaluations up to 2050 1-gen-2013 Calabrese, R.
Sustainable and energy saving urban horticulture on rooftop gardens in Mediterranean climatic conditions 1-gen-2018 Campiotti, C. A.; Viola, C.; Giagnacovo, G.; Biagiotti, D.; Di Bonito, R.
Sustainable design strategies and technologies for a green space for students at terracini campus, unibo 1-gen-2015 Cappellaro, F.
A sustainable energy for greenhouses heating in Italy: Wood biomass 1-gen-2017 Campiotti, C. A.
Sustainable management of sedimentary resources: A case study of the EGADI project 1-gen-2019 Cappucci, S.; Vaccari, M.; Falconi, M.; Tudor, D.
Sustainable power density in electricity generation 1-gen-2014 Buceti, G.
Sustainable Power Production in a Membrane-Less and Mediator-Less Synthetic Wastewater Microbial Fuel Cell 1-lug-2009 Stante, L.; Giordano, A.; Aldrovandi, A.
Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Area: designing a toolkit for sustainable management of the Industrial areas 1-gen-2014 Dominici Loprieno, A.; Tarantini, M.; Preka, R.
Sustainable, fluorine-free, low cost and easily processable materials for hydrophobic coatings on flexible plastic substrates 1-gen-2019 Prontera, C. T.; Sico, G.; Montanino, M.; Del Mauro, A. G.; Tassini, P.; Maglione, M. G.; Minarini, C.; Manini, P.
Mostrati risultati da 9.469 a 9.488 di 10.590
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