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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Two-colour pump-probe experiments with a twin-pulse-seed extreme ultraviolet free-electron laser 1-gen-2013 Giannessi, L.
A Two-Compartment Thermal-Hydraulics Experiment (LACE-LA4) Analyzed by ESCADRE Code Italy 21-ott-1994 Tarabelli, D.; Renault, C.; Passalacqua, R.
A Two-Compartment Thermal-Hydraulics Experiment Analysed by ESCADRE Code 1-apr-1995 Tarabelli, D.; Renault, C.; Passalacqua, R.
A Two-Cycle Process for Enhanced Actinide Separation from Radioactive Liquid Wastes 9-gen-1996 Amato, L.; Nannicini, R.; Facchini, A.
Two-dimensional discrete damage models: Discrete element methods, particle models, and fractal theories 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Two-dimensional discrete damage models: Lattice and rational models 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Two-Dimensional Material Interface Engineering for Efficient Perovskite Large-Area Modules 1-gen-2019 Agresti, A.; Pescetelli, S.; Palma, A. L.; Martin-Garcia, B.; Najafi, L.; Bellani, S.; Moreels, I.; Prato, M.; Bonaccorso, F.; Di Carlo, A.
The two-faced potato virus X: From plant pathogen to smart nanoparticle 1-gen-2015 Baschieri, S.; Benvenuto, E.; Lico, C.
Two-frequency undulator and harmonic generation by an ultrarelativistic electron 1-ott-2006 Ottaviani, P. L.; Mikhailin, G. V. V.; Dattoli, Giuseppe
Two-phase flow measurement for SPES3 facility: Spool piece mathematical correlations 28-set-2010 Greco, M.; Achilli, A.
Two-Phase Heat Transfer in 4.0 mm Tube under Different Gravity Conditions 1-gen-2020 Lancione, G.; Mieko Iceri, D.; Gugliermetti, L.; Saraceno, L.; Zummo, G.; Bisegna, F.; Nardecchia, F.
Two-photon absorption of soft X-ray free electron laser radiation by graphite near the carbon K-absorption edge 1-gen-2018 Giannessi, L.
Two-stage model predictive control for a hydrogen-based storage system paired to a wind farm towards green hydrogen production for fuel cell electric vehicles 1-gen-2022 Abdelghany, M. B.; Shehzad, M. F.; Mariani, V.; Liuzza, D.; Glielmo, L.
A two-steps method to balance a square matrix 1-lug-2016 Rao, Marco
Two-stroke scooters are a dominant source of air pollution in many cities 1-gen-2014 Chirico, R.
TXRF analysis of vegetal foodstuff samples 1-gen-2016 Zoani, C.; Zappa, G.
Type tests of JT-60SA fast plasma position control coil (FPPCC) power supplies 1-gen-2015 Lampasi, A.; Zito, P.
Typology of defects in DEMO divertor target mockups 1-gen-2021 Addab, Y.; Richou, M.; Ramaniraka, M.; Vignal, N.; Visca, E.; Dose, G.; Roccella, S.; Greuner, H.; Missirlian, M.; You, J. H.
The Tyrrhenian Intermediate Water (TIW): Characterization and formation mechanisms 1-gen-2019 Reseghetti, F.; Ciuffardi, T.; Iacono, R.; Napolitano, E
Tyzorᆴ-LA used as a precursor for the preparation of carbon coated TiO2 1-gen-2014 Pozio, A.; Cento, C.; Prosini, P. P.
Mostrati risultati da 11.524 a 11.543 di 12.113
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