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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
An Approach to an Insular Self-contained Waste Management System with the Aim of Maximizing Recovery While Limiting Transportation Costs 1-gen-2017 Fino, Debora; Viotti, Paolo; Luciano, Antonella; Nicosia, Fabio; Mancini, Giuseppe
An Eco-Balanced and Integrated Approach for a More-Sustainable MSW Management 1-gen-2020 Viotti, P.; Tatti, F.; Rossi, A.; Luciano, A.; Marzeddu, S.; Mancini, G.; Boni, M. R.
Partial Stabilization of Mo-Containing Hazardous Wastes Using a Ferrous Sulfate-Based Additive as a Redox Agent 1-gen-2020 Mancini, G.; Palmeri, F.; Luciano, A.; Viotti, P.; Fino, D.
Potential Improvement of the Methodology for Industrial Symbiosis Implementation at Regional Scale 1-gen-2016 Cutaia, Laura; Sbaffoni, Silvia; Mancuso, Erika; Barberio, Grazia; Luciano, Antonella
Potentials of Winery and Olive Oil Residues for the Production of Rhamnolipids and Other Biosurfactants: A Step Towards Achieving a Circular Economy Model 1-gen-2021 Chebbi, A.; Franzetti, A.; Duarte Castro, F.; Gomez Tovar, F. H.; Tazzari, M; Sbaffoni, S.; Vaccari, M.
Process Innovation Via Supercritical Water Gasification to Improve the Conventional Plants Performance in Treating Highly Humid Biomass 1-gen-2016 Tarquini, P.; Larocca, V.; Molino, A.
Resources Optimization and Sustainable Waste Management in Construction Chain in Italy: Toward a Resource Efficiency Plan 1-gen-2018 Luciano, A.; Reale, P.; Cutaia, L.; Carletti, R.; Pentassuglia, R.; Elmo, G.; Mancini, G.
Use of Bioplastic Bags for the Collection of Organic Waste in an Electromechanical Composter: Effects on the Facility Management and the Compost Quality 1-gen-2022 Canditelli, M.; Cafiero, L. M.; Cellamare, C. M.; Landolfo, P. G.; Manzo, S.; Montereali, M. R.; Salluzzo, A.; Schiavo, S.; Tuffi, R.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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