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Mechanical alloying of the Fe-Zr system. Correlation between input energy and end products 1-gen-1991 Burgio, N.; Iasonna, A.; Magini, M.; Martelli, S.; Padella, F.
Mechanical alloying of the PdSi system. Investigation of the early and late milling stages 1-gen-1991 Magini, M.; Basili, N.; Burgio, N.; Ennas, G.; Martelli, S.; Padella, F.; Paradiso, E.; Susini, P.
Mechanical alloying of the Ti-Al system 1-gen-1991 Guo, W.; Martelli, S.; Burgio, N.; Magini, M.; Padella, F.; Paradiso, E.; Soletta, I.
Early and late mechanical alloying stages of the Pd-Si system 1-gen-1991 Magini, M.; Burgio, N.; Martelli, S.; Padella, F.; Paradiso, E.; Ennas, G.
Mechanical alloying of the Pd-Si system in controlled conditions of energy transfer 1-gen-1991 Padella, F.; Paradiso, E.; Burgio, N.; Magini, M.; Martelli, S.; Guo, W.; Iasonna, A.
The carbonatation reaction of layered Na(Mn1/3Fe2/3)O2: A high temperature study 1-mar-2011 Alvani, Carlo; La Barbera, Aurelio; Padella, Franco; Varsano, Francesca
Chemical aspects of the water-splitting thermochemical cycle based on sodium manganese ferrite 8-giu-2012 La Barbera, Aurelio; Bellusci, Mariangela; Alvani, Carlo; Padella, Franco; Varsano, Francesca
Kinematic observations and energy modeling of a Zoz Simoloyer high-energy ball milling device 1-gen-2013 Padella, F.; Bellusci, M.
Elemental concentration in atmospheric particulate matter: Estimation of nanoparticle contribution 1-gen-2013 Padella, F.
Mechanochemical synthesis of manganese cobalt spinel as interconnector protective coating material. First experimental findings. 1-gen-2013 Reale, P.; Padella, F.; Mcphail, S. J.; Bellusci, M.
Caratterizzazione di materiali porosi mediante adsorbimento di gas: evoluzione del composito di boro-grafite ottenuto mediante high energy ball milling 1-feb-2013 Padella, Franco; Pentimalli, Marzia; Silvestri, Laura
Hydrogen production by the sodium manganese ferrite thermochemical cycle-experimental rate and modeling 1-gen-2014 Alvani, C.; La Barbera, A.; Padella, F.; Varsano, F.
Biodistribution and acute toxicity of a nanofluid containing manganese iron oxide nanoparticles produced by a mechanochemical process 1-gen-2014 Pacchierotti, F.; Cremisini, C.; Nardi, E.; Leter, G.; Grollino, M. G.; Pasquo, A.; Mancuso, M.; Padella, F.; La Barbera, A.; Bellusci, M.
Hydrogen production by water splitting on manganese ferrite-sodium carbonate mixture: Feasibility tests in a packed bed solar reactor-receiver 7-nov-2014 Annesini, Maria Cristina; Alvani, Carlo; La Barbera, Aurelio; Padella, Franco; Brunetti, Bruno; Murmura, Maria Anna; Varsano, Francesca
Protective coating from manganese cobalt oxide powders obtained by high energy ball milling: Materials characterization and cell environment testing 1-gen-2015 Padella, F.; Rinaldi, A.; Reale, P.; Pumiglia, D.; Mcphail, S.; Bellusci, M.; Masi, A.
Liquid-assisted mechanochemical synthesis of an iron carboxylate Metal Organic Framework and its evaluation in diesel fuel desulfurization 1-gen-2015 Pentimalli, M.; Bellusci, M.; Padella, F.; Pilloni, M.
Reactivity of Sodium Alanates in Lithium Batteries 1-gen-2015 Reale, P.; Padella, F.
REATTORE SOLARE PER LA PRODUZIONE DI IDROGENO DA ACQUA 11-mar-2015 Varsano, Francesca; Padella, Franco; La Barbera, Aurelio; Brunetti, Bruno; Alvani, Carlo
Cu-Fe substituted Mn-Co spinels by High Energy Ball Milling for interconnect coatings: insight on sintering properties 1-gen-2016 Masi, Andrea; Hong, Jong-Eun; Steinberger-Wilckens, Robert; Carlini, Maurizio; Bellusci, Mariangela; Padella, Franco; Reale, Priscilla
Lithium manganese oxides as high-temperature thermal energy storage system 1-gen-2016 Padella, F.; Masi, A.; La Barbera, A.; Alvani, C.; Varsano, F.
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