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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Energy saving in wastewater treatment plants: A methodology based on common key performance indicators for the evaluation of plant energy performance, classification and benchmarking 1-gen-2020 Sabia, G.; Petta, L.; Avolio, F.; Caporossi, E.
Exergetic, environmental and economic sustainability assessment of stationary Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells 1-gen-2018 Mcphail, S. J.
Exergy and energy analysis of biogas upgrading by pressure swing adsorption: Dynamic analysis of the process 1-gen-2020 Vilardi, G.; Bassano, C.; Deiana, P.; Verdone, N.
Exergy and energy analysis of three biogas upgrading processes 1-gen-2020 Vilardi, G.; Bassano, C.; Deiana, P.; Verdone, N.
Experimental investigation of syngas composition variation along updraft fixed bed gasifier 1-gen-2020 Cerone, N.; Zimbardi, F.; Contuzzi, L.; Baleta, J.; Cerinski, D.; Skvorcinskiene, R.
A framework for the replacement analysis of a hydrogen-based polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell technology on board ships: A step towards decarbonization in the maritime sector 1-gen-2022 Di Micco, S.; Mastropasqua, L.; Cigolotti, V.; Minutillo, M.; Brouwer, J.
Operation optimization of a distributed energy system considering energy costs and exergy efficiency 1-gen-2015 Mongibello, L.; Graditi, G.
Optimal design of modular cogeneration plants for hospital facilities and robustness evaluation of the results 1-gen-2017 Gimelli, A.; Muccillo, M.; Sannino, R.
Regenerative gas turbines and steam injection for repowering combined cycle power plants: Design and part-load performance 1-gen-2021 Carapellucci, Roberto; Giordano, Lorena
Thermoeconomic comparison of a molten carbonate fuel cell and a solid oxide fuel cell system coupled with a micro gas turbine as hybrid plants 1-gen-2023 Perez-Trujillo, J. P.; Elizalde-Blancas, F.; Della Pietra, M.; Silva-Mosqueda, D. M.; Garcia Guendulain, J. M.; Mcphail, S. J.
Mostrati risultati da 3 a 12 di 12
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