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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
E-nose as a potential quality assurance technology for the detection of surface contamination by aeronautic fluids 1-gen-2014 Di Francia, G.; Mastroianni, B.; Fattoruso, G.; Massera, E.; Miglietta, M.; De Vito, S.; Di Palma, P.
Early and late mechanical alloying stages of the Pd-Si system 1-gen-1991 Magini, M.; Burgio, N.; Martelli, S.; Padella, F.; Paradiso, E.; Ennas, G.
Early cementation and accommodation space dictate the evolution of an overstepping barrier system during the Holocene 1-gen-2015 Antonioli, F.
Early effects comparison of X rays delivered at high-dose-rate pulses by a plasma focus device and at low dose rate on human tumour cells 1-gen-2015 Rocchi, F.
Early embryo exposure to assisted reproductive manipulation induced subtle changes in liver epigenetics with no apparent negative health consequences in rabbit 1-gen-2021 Garcia-Dominguez, X.; Diretto, G.; Penaranda, D. S.; Frusciante, S.; Garcia-Carpintero, V.; Canizares, J.; Vicente, J. S.; Marco-Jimenez, F.
Early failure of a locked titanium plate in a proximal humeral fracture: Case report and metallurgic analysis 1-gen-2018 Pilloni, L.
Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) v2.0 - An extended set of large-scale diagnostics for quasi-operational and comprehensive evaluation of Earth system models in CMIP 1-gen-2020 Eyring, V.; Bock, L.; Lauer, A.; Righi, M.; Schlund, M.; Andela, B.; Arnone, E.; Bellprat, O.; Carvalhais, N.; Cionni, I.; Cortesi, N.; Crezee, B.; L. Davin, E.; Davini, P.; Debeire, K.; De Mora, L.; Deser, C.; Docquier, D.; Earnshaw, P.; Ehbrecht, C.; K. Gier, B.; Gonzalez-Reviriego, N.; Goodman, P.; Hagemann, S.; Hardiman, S.; Hassler, B.; Hunter, A.; Kadow, C.; Kindermann, S.; Koirala, S.; Koldunov, N.; Lejeune, Q.; Lembo, V.; Lovato, T.; Lucarini, V.; Muller, B.; Pandde, A.; Phillips, A.; Predoi, V.; Russell, J.; Sellar, A.; Serva, F.; Stacke, T.; Swaminathan, R.; Vegas-Regidor, J.; Von Hardenberg, J.; Weigel, K.; Zimmermann, K.
Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) v2.0-diagnostics for extreme events, regional and impact evaluation, and analysis of Earth system models in CMIP 1-gen-2021 Weigel, K.; Bock, L.; Gier, B. K.; Lauer, A.; Righi, M.; Schlund, M.; Adeniyi, K.; Andela, B.; Arnone, E.; Berg, P.; Caron, L. -P.; Cionni, I.; Corti, S.; Drost, N.; Hunter, A.; Lledo, L.; Mohr, C. W.; Pacal, A.; Perez-Zanon, N.; Predoi, V.; Sandstad, M.; Sillmann, J.; Sterl, A.; Vegas-Regidor, J.; Von Hardenberg, J.; Eyring, V.
Earthquake damage assessment of masonry churches: proposal for rapid and detailed forms and derivation of empirical vulnerability curves 1-gen-2019 Lagomarsino, S.; Cattari, S.; Ottonelli, D.; Giovinazzi, S.
Earthquake protection of schools in Italy: present state and needs and perspectives for improvement 1-gen-2004 Martelli, A.; Antonucci, R.; Clemente, P.; Dolce, M.; Dusi, A.; Ferrini, M.; Forni, M.; Indirli, M.; Spadoni, B.
Earthquake-induced landslide scenarios for seismic microzonation: application to the Accumoli area (Rieti, Italy) 1-gen-2019 Martino, S.; Battaglia, S.; D'Alessandro, F.; Della Seta, M.; Esposito, C.; Martini, G.; Pallone, F.; Troiani, F.
Earthquake-reactivated landslide scenarios in Southern Italy based on spectral-matching input analysis 1-gen-2013 Martini, G.
Earthquake’s rubble heaps volume evaluation: Expeditious approach through earth observation and geomatics techniques 1-gen-2017 Scipinotti, R.; Pollino, M.; Peloso, A.; Moretti, L.; Giordano, L.; Gemerei, F.; De Cecco, L.; Cappucci, S.
EAST alternative magnetic configurations: Modelling and first experiments 1-gen-2015 Ramogida, G.; Giovannozzi, E.; Viola, B.; Crisanti, F.; Calabrò, G.
Easy recovery method for graphene-based chemi-resistors 1-gen-2015 Di Francia, G.; Massera, E.; Polichett, T.; Ricciardella, F.; Miglietta, M. L.
EBR-II passive safety demonstration tests benchmark analyses-phase 2 1-gen-2015 Del Nevo, A.
eBusiness standards and IoT technologies adoption in the fashion industry: Preliminary results of an empirical research 1-gen-2019 De Sabbata, P.; Ciaccio, G.; Brutti, A.
EC assisted start-up experiments reproduction in FTU and AUG for simulations of the ITER case 1-gen-2014 Tudisco, O.
The EC MUSA project on management and uncertainty of severe accidents: Main pillars and status 1-gen-2021 Herranz, L. E.; Mascari, F.
The EC-Funded Project SPACE (Semi-Active and Passive Control of the Dynamic Behavior of Structures Subjected to Earthquakes, Wind and Vibrations) 2-ott-2001 Fuller, K. N. G.; Serino, G.; Bettinali, F.; Forni, M.; Bergamo, G.; Hedin, F.; Debost, S.; Seiler, C.; Braun, C.; Medeot, R.
Mostrati risultati da 2.707 a 2.726 di 10.740
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