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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Observation and Control of Laser-Enabled Auger Decay 1-gen-2017 Giannessi, L.
Observation and mitigation of parasitic effects of edge plasma by higher operating frequency in LHCD experiments in EAST 1-gen-2017 Cardinali, A.; Napoli, F.; Ceccuzzi, S.; Tuccillo, A. A.; Cesario, R.; Castaldo, C.
Observation of polar stratospheric clouds over McMurdo (77.85°S, 166.67°E) (2006-2010) 1-gen-2014 Di Donfrancesco, G.
Observation of short time-scale spectral emissions at millimeter wavelengths with the new CTS diagnostic on the FTU tokamak 1-gen-2017 Ramogida, G.; Mazzotta, C.; Cocilovo, V.; Calabrò, G.; Belli, F.; D'Arcangelo, O.
Observation of time-domain modulation of free-electron-laser pulses by multipeaked electron-energy spectrum 1-gen-2013 Sabia, E.; Ronsivalle, C.; Quattromini, M.; Petralia, A.; Giannessi, L.; Dattoli, G.; Ciocci, F.; Artioli, M.
Observation of zero current density in the core of JET discharges with lower hybrid heating and current drive 1-gen-2001 Deangelis, R.
Observational needs of sea surface temperature 1-gen-2019 O'Carroll, A. G.; Armstrong, E. M.; Beggs, H.; Bouali, M.; Casey, K. S.; Corlett, G. K.; Dash, P.; Donlon, C.; Gentemann, C. L.; Hoyer, J. L.; Ignatov, A.; Kabobah, K.; Kachi, M.; Kurihara, Y.; Karagali, I.; Maturi, E.; Merchant, C. J.; Marullo, S.; Minnett, P.; Pennybacker, M.; Ramakrishnan, B.; Ramsankaran, R. A. A. J.; Santoleri, R.; Sunder, S.; Picart, S. S.; Vazquez-Cuervo, J.; Wimmer, W.
Observationally based analysis of land-atmosphere coupling 1-gen-2016 De Felice, M.; Alessandri, A.
Observations of nanoscale properties of ZnO pillars subject to compression 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Observations of surface radiation and stratospheric processes at Thule air base, Greenland, during the IPY 1-gen-2014 Di Biagio, C.; di Sarra, A.
Observed and modeled global ocean turbulence regimes as deduced from surface trajectory data 1-gen-2013 Ruti, P. M; Nilsson, J. A. U.
Observed behavior of buildings seismically isolated with CSSs under a low energy earthquake 1-gen-2022 Scafati, F.; Ormando, C.; Clemente, P.; Bongiovanni, Giovanni
Observed influence of liquid cloud microphysical properties on ultraviolet surface radiation 1-gen-2014 Pace, G.; Meloni, D.; Di Sarra, A.
Observing and interpreting superluminal behaviors in microwave and optical experiments 1-gen-2020 Cacciari, I.; Mugnai, D.; Ranfagni, A.; Petrucci, A.
Obsidian use in the mosaic of the St. Juvenal church, Narni (Italy): Chemical characterization and origin 1-gen-2013 Seccaroni, C.; Rosada, A.; Moioli, P.
Occhi di mare. Un tuffo nella biologia marina per i più piccoli 1-mar-2018 Furia, S.; Troise, M.; Azzurro, E.; Fanelli, E.
Occupational environments where electromagnetic fields exposure can exceed Directive 2013/35/EU limits: identification of scenarios and preliminary measurement survey 1-gen-2019 Pinto, R.; Coniglio, A.; Contessa, G. M.; D’Agostino, S.; Falsaperla, R.; Lopresto, V.; Polichetti, A.
Occupational exposure in MR facilities due to movements in the static magnetic field 1-gen-2017 Andreuccetti, D.; Biagi, L.; Burriesci, G.; Cannata, V.; Contessa, G. M.; Falsaperla, R.; Genovese, E.; Lodato, R.; Lopresto, V.; Merla, C.; Napolitano, A.; Pinto, R.; Tiberi, G.; Tosetti, M.; Zoppetti, N.
Occupational Exposure of the Eye Lens in Interventional Procedures: How to Assess and Manage Radiation Dose 1-gen-2016 Ferrari, P.
The occurrence of paraffin and other petroleum waxes in the marine environment: A review of the current legislative framework and shipping operational practices 1-gen-2018 Abbate, M.
Mostrati risultati da 6.808 a 6.827 di 10.740
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