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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Synthesis of RUPUICUV Model Validation 1-giu-1999 Jacq, F.; Passalacqua, R.
Synthesis of silicon quantum dots in zinc silicate matrix by low-temperature process: Optical, structural and electrical characterization 1-gen-2014 Addonizio, M. L.; Castaldo, A.; Antonaia, A.
Synthesis of spent fuel pool accident assessments using severe accident codes 1-gen-2014 Ederli, S.
A synthesis of the Antarctic surface mass balance during the last 800 yr 1-gen-2013 Proposito, M.; Scarchilli, C.; Frezzotti, M.
Synthesis of the current understanding of the PHEBUS FP FPT2 test based on the ICARE2 code calculations 8-apr-2005 Ederli, S.
Synthesis, characterization, and use as emissive layer of white organic light emitting diodes of the highly isotactic poly(N-pentenyl-carbazole) 1-gen-2015 Minarini, C.; Maglione, M. G.; De Girolamo Del Mauro, A.
Synthesis, Physical Properties and Electrochemical Applications of Two Ionic Liquids Containing the Asymmetric (Fluoromethylsulfonyl)(Trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide Anion 1-gen-2022 Palumbo, O.; Appetecchi, G. B.; Maresca, G.; Brubach, J. -B.; Roy, P.; Di Muzio, S.; Trequattrini, F.; Bordignon, D.; Legrand, F.; Falgayrat, A.; Lin, R.; Fantini, S.; Paolone, A.
A synthetic cytokinin primes photosynthetic and growth response in grapevine under ion-independent salinity stress 1-gen-2022 Montanaro, G.; Briglia, N.; Lopez, L.; Amato, D.; Panara, F.; Petrozza, A.; Cellini, F.; Nuzzo, V.
Synthetic lethal genetic interactions between Rad54 and PARP-1 in mouse development and oncogenesis 1-gen-2017 Pazzaglia, S.; Saran, A.; Mancuso, M.; Pannicelli, A.; Tanno, B.; Antonelli, F.; Pasquali, E.; Leonardi, S.; Casciati, A.; Tanori, M.
Synthetic natural gas SNG production from biomass gasification - Thermodynamics and processing aspects 1-gen-2014 Braccio, G.; Molino, A.
A System Integration Analysis of a Molten Carbonate Electrolysis Cell as an Off-Gas Recovery System in a Steam-Reforming Process of an Oil Refinery 1-gen-2021 Monforti Ferrario, A.; Santoni, F.; Della Pietra, M.; Rossi, M.; Piacente, N.; Comodi, G.; Simonetti, L.
System thermal-hydraulic modelling of the phénix dissymmetric test benchmark 1-gen-2019 Narcisi, V.; Giannetti, F.; Del Nevo, A.; Alcaro, F.; Wang, X.; Kraus, A.; Brunett, A.; Thomas, J.; Girault, N.; Grosjean, B.; Caruso, G.; Gerschenfeld, A.
A systematic literature review of gamification design 1-gen-2019 Bouzidi, R.; De Nicola, A.; Nader, F.; Chalal, R.
A systematic review of metal oxide applications for energy and environmental sustainability 1-gen-2020 Danish, M. S. S.; Bhattacharya, A.; Stepanova, D.; Mikhaylov, A.; Grilli, M. L.; Khosravy, M.; Senjyu, T.
Systematic study of the response of single crystal diamond neutron detectors at high temperature 1-gen-2020 Angelone, M.; Pilotti, R.; Sarto, F.; Pillon, M.; Lecci, S.; Loreti, S.; Pagano, G.; Cesaroni, S.; Verona, C.; Marinelli, M.; Prestopino, G.; Verona-Rinati, G.
Systems engineering activities supporting the heating & current drive and fuelling lines systems integration in the European DEMO breeding blanket 1-gen-2019 Bongiovi, G.; Spagnuolo, G. A.; Maione, I. A.; Cismondi, F.; Del Nevo, A.; Hernandez, F.; Rapisarda, D.; Mozzillo, R.
Systems engineering approach for pre-conceptual design of demo divertor 1-gen-2018 Dongiovanni, D. N.
Systems layouts with additional heat storages for low-temperature PVT collectors assisting Heat Pumps for DHW production 1-gen-2022 Martorana, F.; Bonomolo, M.; Leone, G.; Beccali, M.; Di Pietra, B.
A systems perspective analysis of an increased use of forest bioenergy in Canada: Potential carbon impacts and policy recommendations 1-gen-2021 Giuntoli, J.; Searle, S.; Pavlenko, N.; Agostini, A.
T/H and Transient Analyses to confirm EFIT Preliminary Design 1-giu-2008 Polidori, M.; Bandini, G.; Meloni, P.
Mostrati risultati da 10.927 a 10.946 di 12.102
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