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A review of radioactive wastes production and potential environmental releases at experimental nuclear fusion facilities 1-gen-2020 Sandri, S.; Contessa, GIAN MARCO; D'Arienzo, M.; Guardati, M.; Guarracino, M.; Poggi, C.; Villari, R.
Review of recent experimental and modeling advances in the understanding of lower hybrid current drive in ITER-relevant regimes 1-gen-2018 Napoli, F.; Ceccuzzi, S.; Castaldo, C.; Cardinali, A.; Amicucci, L.; Cesario, R.; Tuccillo, A.
A review of separation processes proposed for advanced fuel cycles based on technology readiness level assessments 1-gen-2019 Baron, P.; Cornet, S. M.; Collins, E. D.; De Angelis, G.; Del Cul, G.; Fedorov, Y.; Glatz, J. P.; Ignatiev, V.; Inoue, T.; Khaperskaya, A.; Kim, I. T.; Kormilitsyn, M.; Koyama, T.; Law, J. D.; Lee, H. S.; Minato, K.; Morita, Y.; Uhlir, J.; Warin, D.; Taylor, R. J.
Review of SIRIO interferometer experimental results 1-gen-2023 Mazzotta, C.
A Review of some PHEBUS Fission Product Containment Thermal-Hydraulic Results and their Applications to JERICHO Code Assessment 2-giu-1994 Tirini, S.; Spitz, P.; Mailliat, A.; Layly, V. D.
Review of split and unsplit geometric advection algorithms 1-gen-2013 Bnà, S.
A Review of the Activities of the Nuclear Data Center at ENEA 16-set-1996 Ventura, A.; Pescarini, M.; Trkov, A.; Herman, M.; Reffo, G.
Review of the Cost-Optimal Methodology Implementation in Member States in Compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 1-gen-2022 Zangheri, P.; D'Agostino, D.; Armani, R.; Bertoldi, P.
A review of the new european technical recommendations for monitoring individuals occupationally exposed to external radiation 1-gen-2013 Fantuzzi, E.
A review of the present status and future prospects of the application of liquid metals for plasma-facing components in magnetic fusion devices 1-gen-2015 Mazzitelli, G.
Review of tropospheric temperature, absolute humidity and integrated water vapour from the HAMSTRAD radiometer installed at Dome C, Antarctica, 2009-14 1-gen-2015 Grigioni, P.
Review on extended approaches in the Kaluza-Klein model 1-gen-2016 Montani, G.
A review on hydrogen industrial aerospace applications 1-gen-2014 Giacomazzi, E.; Cecere, D.
A review on measurements of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material in air in outdoor and indoor environments: Implication for airborne transmission 1-gen-2022 Dinoi, A.; Feltracco, M.; Chirizzi, D.; Trabucco, S.; Conte, M.; Gregoris, E.; Barbaro, E.; La Bella, G.; Ciccarese, G.; Belosi, F.; La Salandra, G.; Gambaro, A.; Contini, D.
Review on performance metrics for energy efficiency in data center: The role of thermal management 1-gen-2015 Chinnici, M.
A review on Rail Transport in Europe and Italy 1-gen-2022 Ruvio, Alessandro; Mortelliti, Nicola; Orchi, Silvia
Review stato programma Halden Project e definizione Iinee di R&S di interesse nazionale 19-set-2011 Vettraino, Fortunato
REVISA Interpretation Benchmark based on a Rupther #15 Creep Test at 1100ÉC Performed on a Notched Tube 10-giu-1999 Miliozzi, A.
Revised conditions for MRI due to isorotation theorem 1-gen-2017 Montani, G.
Revision of the DEMO core configuration and of its dynamic behaviour 5-set-2011 Grasso, G.
Mostrati risultati da 9.389 a 9.408 di 11.880
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