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Continente #
EU - Europa 4646
NA - Nord America 1827
AS - Asia 1343
AF - Africa 128
SA - Sud America 84
OC - Oceania 26
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
Totale 8058
Nazione #
IT - Italia 2576
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1725
VN - Vietnam 537
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 357
DE - Germania 313
FR - Francia 250
AT - Austria 201
GB - Regno Unito 201
IN - India 134
FI - Finlandia 116
RU - Federazione Russa 107
CN - Cina 101
HK - Hong Kong 81
NL - Olanda 79
JP - Giappone 76
SE - Svezia 76
IR - Iran 70
CA - Canada 50
TR - Turchia 48
MX - Messico 44
ES - Italia 42
RO - Romania 38
ID - Indonesia 36
TH - Thailandia 34
CH - Svizzera 30
IE - Irlanda 30
MY - Malesia 30
NG - Nigeria 28
KR - Corea 27
PL - Polonia 27
GR - Grecia 26
PT - Portogallo 26
AU - Australia 25
SA - Arabia Saudita 23
CL - Cile 22
PK - Pakistan 22
SG - Singapore 22
BE - Belgio 21
PH - Filippine 20
DZ - Algeria 19
BR - Brasile 18
EG - Egitto 17
NO - Norvegia 17
PE - Perù 16
RS - Serbia 15
DK - Danimarca 14
CO - Colombia 13
TW - Taiwan 13
UA - Ucraina 13
HR - Croazia 11
LT - Lituania 11
ZA - Sudafrica 11
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 9
CM - Camerun 9
HU - Ungheria 9
NP - Nepal 9
AR - Argentina 8
IQ - Iraq 8
MA - Marocco 8
AL - Albania 7
BG - Bulgaria 6
IL - Israele 6
LU - Lussemburgo 6
TZ - Tanzania 6
AM - Armenia 5
KE - Kenya 5
LK - Sri Lanka 5
MG - Madagascar 5
SI - Slovenia 5
TL - Timor Orientale 5
BD - Bangladesh 4
CU - Cuba 4
EU - Europa 4
KW - Kuwait 4
KZ - Kazakistan 4
LV - Lettonia 4
ME - Montenegro 4
SM - San Marino 4
VE - Venezuela 4
EC - Ecuador 3
MZ - Mozambico 3
BN - Brunei Darussalam 2
CD - Congo 2
CR - Costa Rica 2
JO - Giordania 2
LA - Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos 2
LS - Lesotho 2
RW - Ruanda 2
SC - Seychelles 2
SD - Sudan 2
TG - Togo 2
AF - Afghanistan, Repubblica islamica di 1
BA - Bosnia-Erzegovina 1
BH - Bahrain 1
BJ - Benin 1
CI - Costa d'Avorio 1
CY - Cipro 1
EE - Estonia 1
JM - Giamaica 1
LY - Libia 1
Totale 8051
Città #
Dong Ket 510
Mountain View 299
Rome 281
Milan 158
Vienna 133
Mazzano Romano 129
Helsinki 113
Council Bluffs 105
New York 92
Southend 86
Houston 60
Milpitas 54
Paris 45
Chandler 41
Florence 41
Lake Forest 40
Palermo 33
Turin 32
Bracciano 28
Canale Monterano 27
Dublin 25
Pisa 24
Tokyo 24
Parsippany 23
Frankfurt am Main 22
Genoa 22
Ann Arbor 21
Borås 21
Naples 21
Trieste 21
Bologna 20
Rockville 20
Bari 19
Catania 19
Tettnang 19
Ashburn 18
London 18
Mumbai 18
Hanoi 17
Cambridge 16
Jakarta 16
Padova 16
Redmond 16
Torino 16
Chicago 15
Istanbul 15
Modena 15
Napoli 15
Singapore 15
Athens 14
Central District 14
Lima 14
Amsterdam 13
Genova 13
Kish 13
Norwalk 13
Nuremberg 13
Perugia 13
Boardman 12
Lagos 12
Taipei 12
Wilmington 12
Berlin 11
Brindisi 11
Munich 11
Trento 11
Zurich 11
Bergamo 10
Buffalo 10
Delhi 10
Naaldwijk 10
Nanjing 10
Udine 10
Verona 10
Beijing 9
Cairo 9
Chennai 9
Guangzhou 9
Kassel 9
Kuala Lumpur 9
Landshut 9
Los Angeles 9
Mola di Bari 9
Palo Alto 9
Parma 9
San Jose 9
San Mateo 9
Twickenham 9
Xian 9
Ferrara 8
Ottawa 8
Salerno 8
San Francisco 8
Sassari 8
Stockholm 8
Tione di Trento 8
Woodbridge 8
Ancona 7
Aprilia 7
Atlanta 7
Totale 3367
Nome #
Smart working, modelli organizzativi innovativi per smart cities, file dd11e37c-d5e2-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 354
Pollution dispersion from a fire using a Gaussian plume model, file dd11e37c-fb04-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 247
Single source precursor for PAD-lamnO3 thin films, file dd11e37c-f405-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 116
Natural beta-carotene: A microalgae derivate for nutraceutical applications, file dd11e37c-f28f-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 106
Bioblitz 2016 Lago dell’Accesa, file dd11e37c-efa9-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 98
Virtual Double-System Single-Box: A Nonequilibrium Alchemical Technique for Absolute Binding Free Energy Calculations: Application to Ligands of the SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease, file dd11e37c-e866-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 88
Principles for non-ionizing radiation protection, file dd11e37c-f4c6-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 88
Bioblitz 2015 Torrente Trasubbie, file dd11e37c-ee3c-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 84
Seismic performance of masonry walls retrofitted with steel reinforced grout, file dd11e37c-e1ca-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 81
Modelling and assessment of thermal conductivity and melting behaviour of MOX fuel for fast reactor applications, file dd11e37c-ed31-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 81
Valutazione e gestione dei rischi per la salute e la sicurezza derivanti dall’esposizione ai campi elettromagnetici (CEM) − una bussola per mantenere la giusta rotta sul campo, file dd11e37d-027a-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 76
Process waters from hydrothermal carbonization of sludge: Characteristics and possible valorization pathways, file dd11e37c-ff75-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 75
Assessment of air quality microsensors versus reference methods: The EuNetAir Joint Exercise – Part II, file dd11e37c-d610-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 74
Bioinformatics resources for plant abiotic stress responses: State of the art and opportunities in the fast evolving-omics era, file dd11e37c-fa29-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 71
Bioblitz 2013-2014 Oasi di San Felice, file dd11e37c-f0a6-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 70
Raccolta e conservazione della frutta fresca: nuovi metodi per problemi antichi, file dd11e37c-d5f4-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 69
Multi-approach study applied to restoration monitoring of a 16th century wooden paste sculpture, file dd11e37c-f7ca-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 69
Relative sea-level rise and potential submersion risk for 2100 on 16 coastal plains of the mediterranean sea, file dd11e37c-ff7f-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 69
Challenges in Urban Metabolism: Sustainability and Well-Being in Cities, file dd11e37c-f108-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 63
Mechanically Stacked, Two-Terminal Graphene-Based Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell with Efficiency over 26%, file dd11e37c-eeb8-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 61
Techno-economic assessment of bio-syngas production for methanol synthesis: A focus on the water–gas shift and carbon capture sections, file dd11e37c-f96f-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 56
The critical raw materials in cutting tools for machining applications: A review, file dd11e37c-fc2c-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 56
Application of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to select the best oil spill cleanup method in marine protected areas for calm sea condition, file dd11e37c-f15b-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 52
Papers published in Zootaxa concerning Neuropterida, file dd11e37c-f566-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 50
Analytical Mathematical Modeling of the Thermal Bridge between Reinforced Concrete Wall and Inter-Floor Slab, file dd11e37c-ef22-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 49
Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Molecular Dynamics Characterization of Ionic Liquid in Poly(ethylene oxide)-Based Polymer Electrolytes, file dd11e37c-f248-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 49
A review of low-cost particulate matter sensors from the developers’ perspectives, file dd11e37c-e7b5-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 48
Intended human exposure to non-ionizing radiation for cosmetic purposes, file dd11e37c-f6b7-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 48
A portable air quality monitoring unit and a modular, flexible tool for on-field evaluation and calibration of low-cost gas sensors, file dd11e37c-fcc1-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 48
Non solo ILVA nell'aria, file dd11e37c-d5e8-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 47
Calculated beam quality correction factors for ionization chambers in MV photon beams, file dd11e37c-e736-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 43
Interactions between Primary Neurons and Graphene Films with Different Structure and Electrical Conductivity, file dd11e37c-f306-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 43
SentinAir system software: A flexible tool for data acquisition from heterogeneous sensors and devices, file dd11e37c-f96d-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 43
Smart method for carotenoids characterization in haematococcus pluvialis red phase and evaluation of astaxanthin thermal stability, file dd11e37c-fcdd-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 42
La casa come l'ufficio, file dd11e37c-d5f7-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 41
Syngas production, clean-up and wastewater management in a demo-scale fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification unit, file dd11e37c-fd7a-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 41
Modeling light below tree canopies overestimates net photosynthesis and radiation use efficiency in understory crops by averaging light in space and time, file dd11e37c-e6b5-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 40
Thorough Multianalytical Characterization and Quantification of Micro- and Nanoplastics from Bracciano Lake's Sediments, file dd11e37c-ec7e-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 40
Experimental and numerical assessment of a novel all-in-one adsorption thermal storage with zeolite for thermal solar applications, file dd11e37c-f09b-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 40
Hybrid 1D + 2D modelling for the assessment of the heat transfer in the EU DEMO water-cooled lithium-lead manifolds, file dd11e37c-f564-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 40
The Regional Earth System Model RegCM-ES: Evaluation of the Mediterranean Climate and Marine Biogeochemistry, file dd11e37c-f2e0-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 39
Thermoplastic starch (TPS) films added with mucilage from opuntia ficus indica: Mechanical, microstructural and thermal characterization, file dd11e37c-f94c-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 39
Gestire in modo efficiente gli input chimici ed energetici in agricoltura, riducendo l’inquinamento ambientale, file dd11e37c-d5f8-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 35
Effects of the Ionizing Radiation Disinfection Treatment on Historical Leather, file dd11e37c-f947-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 35
Satellite multi/hyper spectral HR sensors for mapping the Posidonia oceanica in south Mediterranean islands, file dd11e37c-fcac-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 35
null, file dd11e37c-e9b5-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 34
Pathways to ZEED, file dd11e37c-e4e4-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 33
Diagnostic Methodologies of Laser-Initiated 11B(p,α)2α Fusion Reactions, file dd11e37c-e899-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 33
An artificial neural network to infer the mediterranean 3d chlorophyll-a and temperature fields from remote sensing observations, file dd11e37c-eb50-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 33
Phenotyping of Different Italian Durum Wheat Varieties in Early Growth Stage With the Addition of Pure or Digestate-Activated Biochars, file dd11e37c-f924-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 33
Towards an integrated approach for red mud valorisation: a focus on titanium, file dd11e37c-fd47-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 33
Production of the polyhydroxyalkanoate PHBV from ricotta cheese exhausted whey by haloferax mediterranei fermentation, file dd11e37c-e989-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 32
A European proficiency test on thin-film tandem photovoltaic devices, file dd11e37c-ebd1-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 32
Monitoring of a Nearshore Small Dolphin Species Using Passive Acoustic Platforms and Supervised Machine Learning Techniques, file dd11e37c-f9ac-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 32
Lavoro e smart city, file dd11e37c-d5ed-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 31
Going overseas: From island to continent colonization in the mediterranean snakefly fibla maclachlani (Albarda, 1891), file dd11e37c-e261-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 31
Chemical solution deposition of YBCO films with Gd excess, file dd11e37c-f872-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 31
Species composition of carabid communities (Coleoptera Carabidae) in apple orchards and vineyards in Val d’Agri (Basilicata, Italy), file dd11e37c-d5eb-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 30
Olive mill wastes: A source of bioactive molecules for plant growth and protection against pathogens, file dd11e37c-e7e9-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 30
Artificial Neural Network for the Thermal Comfort Index Prediction: Development of a New Simplified Algorithm, file dd11e37c-ee73-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 30
XBT, ARGO float and ship-based CTD profiles intercompared under strict space-time conditions in the mediterranean sea: Assessment of metrological comparability, file dd11e37c-fc26-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 30
Overview on lead-cooled fast reactor design and related technologies development in ENEA, file dd11e37d-01af-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 30
Plant-derived natural compounds in genetic vaccination and therapy for HPV-associated cancers, file dd11e37c-ea34-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 29
Phenotypic and functional characteristics of exosomes derived from irradiated mouse organs and their role in the mechanisms driving non-targeted effects, file dd11e37c-ebbd-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 29
Preliminary tests on the sensitivity of the FORAIR_IT air quality forecasting system to different meteorological drivers, file dd11e37c-f52a-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 29
Forensic analysis of commercial inks by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), file dd11e37c-f93b-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 29
Smart ECM-based electrospun biomaterials for skeletal muscle regeneration, file dd11e37c-ffb3-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 29
Soil microbiota manipulation and its role in suppressing soil-borne plant pathogens in organic farming systems under the light of microbiome-assisted strategies, file dd11e37c-e734-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 28
Intrinsic anisotropy and pinning anisotropy in nanostructured YBa2Cu3O7-δ from microwave measurements, file dd11e37c-fca0-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 28
Semantics-based services for a low carbon society: An application on emissions trading system data and scenarios management, file dd11e37c-d5fb-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 27
Un nuovo indice per qualificare gli edifici intelligenti e ad alta efficienza energetica, file dd11e37c-f4e8-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 27
Comparison of selection methods for the establishment of a core collection using SSR markers for hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) accessions from European germplasm repositories, file dd11e37c-f5c1-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 27
Results of the IX International Spectroradiometer Intercomparison and impact on precise measurements of new photovoltaic technologies, file dd11e37c-f818-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 27
ENEA Contributions to Safeguarding Material and Immaterial Knowledge from Ancient Mesopotamia, file dd11e37c-d5ea-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 26
Ridurre gli input chimici ed energetici in agricoltura mediante tecniche agronomiche innovative, file dd11e37c-d5f9-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 26
Simulation framework for pedestrian dynamics: Modelling and calibration, file dd11e37c-f59f-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 26
The demo water-cooled lead–lithium breeding blanket: Design status at the end of the pre-conceptual design phase, file dd11e37c-fb32-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 26
An alternative phase-sensitive THz imaging technique for art conservation: History and new developments at the ENEA center of frascati, file dd11e37c-e947-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 25
Enhancing Biomass and Lutein Production From Scenedesmus almeriensis: Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Culture Medium Reuse, file dd11e37c-fe22-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 25
Platinum and heavy metal concentration levels in urban soils of Naples (Italy). 2002, file dd11e37c-d5ef-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Nuovi dati su Neuropterida della Calabria (Megaloptera, Raphidioptera, Neuroptera), file dd11e37c-d604-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Analysis of the effects of electrification of the road transport sector on the possible penetration of nuclear fusion in the long-term european energy mix, file dd11e37c-f5d1-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
CPS Based Liquid Metal Divertor Target for EU-DEMO, file dd11e37c-f654-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Verification and bias adjustment of ECMWF SEAS5 seasonal forecasts over Europe for climate service applications, file dd11e37c-f85f-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Energy-saving technology opportunities and investments of the italian foundry industry, file dd11e37c-f861-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Enhancement in the Selectivity and Sensitivity of Ni and Pd Functionalized MoS2 Toxic Gas Sensors, file dd11e37c-fa5d-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Assessing earthquake-induced urban rubble by means of multiplatform remotely sensed data, file dd11e37c-fc93-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 24
Inulin content in chipped and whole roots of cardoon after six months storage under natural conditions, file 655a12e0-f4c9-48ea-8254-0b3313e60fda 23
Structure and dynamics of the anti-AMCV scFv(F8): effects of selected mutations on the antigen combining site, file dd11e37c-d601-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 23
Assessment of the anthropogenic sediment budget of a littoral cell system (Northern tuscany, italy), file dd11e37c-ea41-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 23
Effectiveness of the “ecological beach” model: Beneficial management of posidonia beach casts and banquette, file dd11e37c-f1d4-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 23
Chromium(III) removal fromwastewater by chitosan flakes, file dd11e37c-f6bb-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 23
Flavescence Dorée-Derived Leaf Yellowing in Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Is Associated to a General Repression of Isoprenoid Biosynthetic Pathways, file dd11e37c-f760-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 23
Il dilemma delle biomasse, file dd11e37c-d5e6-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
State of the art on Neuropterida of Sicily and Malta, file dd11e37c-d5ec-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
Un sistema informativo territoriale per le Valli di Comacchio, file dd11e37c-d5ff-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
Influence of the convective coefficient on the determination of thermal transmittance through outdoor infrared thermography, file dd11e37c-e737-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
Low frequency magnetic fields emitted by high-power charging systems, file dd11e37c-f297-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
Two bi-functional cytochrome P450 CYP72 enzymes from olive (Olea europaea) catalyze the oxidative C-C bond cleavage in the biosynthesis of secoxy-iridoids – flavor and quality determinants in olive oil, file dd11e37c-f885-5d97-e053-d805fe0a6f04 22
Totale 4637

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2019/202089 0002 24 611 143389
2020/20211303 1192242 107112 6665 5110698614
2021/20223880 107150173248 325304 447411 468252469526
2022/20232974 697525503603 6460 00 0000
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