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Adsorbent materials for low-grade waste heat recovery: Application to industrial pasta drying processes 1-gen-2017 Pentimalli, M.
Analysis of smart energy system approach in local alpine regions - A case study in Northern Italy 1-gen-2020 Bellocchi, S.; De Iulio, R.; Guidi, G.; Manno, M.; Nastasi, B.; Noussan, M.; Prina, M. G.; Roberto, R.
CSP plants with thermocline thermal energy storage and integrated steam generator – Techno-economic modeling and design optimization 1-gen-2017 Donato, F.
Efficiency enhancement of a-Si and CZTS solar cells using different thermoelectric hybridization strategies 1-gen-2017 Rizzo, A.; Contento, G.
Experimental characterization of a prototype of bidirectional substation for district heating with thermal prosumers 1-gen-2021 Pipiciello, M.; Caldera, M.; Cozzini, M.; Ancona, M. A.; Melino, F.; Di Pietra, B.
A feasibility study of some DSM enabling solutions in small islands: The case of Lampedusa 1-gen-2017 Di Pietra, B.
A genetic optimization of a hybrid organic Rankine plant for solar and low-grade energy sources 1-gen-2015 Fanelli, E.; Braccio, G.
High quality syngas production via steam-oxygen blown bubbling fluidised bed gasifier 1-gen-2016 Scaccia, S.; Nobili, M.; Stendardo, S.
A Life Cycle approach to Green Public Procurement of building materials and elements: a case study on windows 2-mar-2011 Porta, Pier Luigi; Dominici Loprieno, Arianna; Tarantini, Mario
Life Cycle Assessment of waste management systems in Italian industrial areas: Case study of 1st Macrolotto of Prato 1-feb-2009 Frenquellucci, Ferdinando; Cucchi, Eleonora; Dominici Loprieno, Arianna; Tarantini, Mario
Life cycle inventory data and metrics for high-temperature fuel cells: A streamlined decision-support tool and case study application 1-gen-2018 Mcphail, S. J.
Maturity-based approach for the improvement of energy efficiency in industrial compressed air production and use systems 1-gen-2019 Benedetti, M.; Bonfa, F.; Bertini, I.; Introna, V.; Salvatori, S.; Ubertini, S.; Paradiso, R.
Multi-objective optimized management of electrical energy storage systems in an islanded network with renewable energy sources under different design scenarios 1-gen-2014 Graditi, G.
Numerical investigation of a MCFC (Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell) system hybridized with a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle and compared with a bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle 1-gen-2015 Moreno, A.; Mcphail, S. J.; Messina, G.
The role of solid oxide fuel cells in future ship energy systems 1-gen-2020 Baldi, F.; Moret, S.; Tammi, K.; Marechal, F.
Simultaneous materials and layout optimization of non-imaging optically concentrated solar thermoelectric generators 1-gen-2020 Contento, G.; Lorenzi, B.; Rizzo, A.; Narducci, D.
Symbiotic and optimized energy supply for decarbonizing cheese production: An Italian case study 1-gen-2022 Chinese, D.; Orru, P. F.; Meneghetti, A.; Cortella, G.; Giordano, L.; Benedetti, M.
Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries: An experimental investigation 1-gen-2019 Menale, C.; D'Annibale, F.; Mazzarotta, B.; Bubbico, R.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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