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Improved properties of TiAlN coatings through the multilayer structure 1-gen-2013 Valerini, D.; Tapfer, L.; Terzi, R.; Capodieci, L.; Massaro, M.; Mirenghi, L.; Rizzo, A.
In situ growth of well-dispersed CdS nanocrystals in semiconducting polymers 1-gen-2013 Tapfer, L.; Di Benedetto, F.; Scalone, A. G.; Schioppa, M.; Miceli, V.; Piscopiello, E.; Resta, V.; Laera, A. M.
Adhesion and wear of ZrN films sputtered on tungsten carbide substrates 1-gen-2013 Rizzo, A.; Piscopiello, E.; Tapfer, L.; Signore, M. A.; Valerini, D.
Determination of Mg concentration and distribution in MgxZn1-xO films for photonic devices application 1-gen-2014 Tapfer, L.
Surface analytical characterization of P3HT-streptavidin bilayers for biosensing applications 1-gen-2015 Tapfer, L.; Pesce, E.; Re, M.
Green light-emitting CdTe nanocrystals: Synthesis and optical characterizations 1-gen-2015 Tapfer, L.; Bucci, L.; Di Benedetto, F.; Scalone, A. G.; Protopapa, M. L.; Mosca, M. E.
MOVPE growth studies of Ga(NASP)/(BGA)(ASP) multi quantum well heterostructures (MQWH) for the monolithic integration of laser structures on (001) Si-substrates 1-gen-2016 Tapfer, L.
Fabrication of 3D carbon nanotube networks 1-gen-2016 Tapfer, L.; Di Benedetto, F.; Scalone, A. G.; Capodieci, L.; Schioppa, M.; Mirenghi, L.; Laera, A. M.
Surface analytical characterization of Streptavidin/poly(3–hexylthiophene) bilayers for bio-electronic applications 1-gen-2017 Tapfer, L.; Pesce, E.; Re, M.
GaP-interlayer formation on epitaxial GaAs(100) surfaces in MOVPE ambient 1-gen-2017 Tapfer, L.
LabZERO, an interdisciplinary living laboratory for the promotion of renewables and energy efficiency 1-gen-2017 Contento, G.; Tapfer, L.
Ion implantation in thermoplastic polymers 1-gen-2018 Di Benedett, F.; Tapfer, L.; Esposito, C.; Capodieci, L.; Cassano, G.; Massaro, M.; Mosca, M. E.; D'Amore, A.
New approach in Auger elemental relative sensitive factor calculation by using TEM-EDS analysis based on bi-layers of pure elements 1-gen-2018 Tapfer, L.; Burresi, E.; Nacucchi, M.
Diffraction line profiles of spherical hollow nanocrystals 1-gen-2019 Burresi, E.; Tapfer, L.
Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnS/TiO2 films for enhanced NO2 gas sensing 1-gen-2020 Laera, A. M.; Mirenghi, L.; Cassano, G.; Capodieci, L.; Ferrara, M. C.; Mazzarelli, S.; Schioppa, M.; Dimaio, D.; Rizzo, A.; Penza, M.; Tapfer, L.
Strain gauge properties of Pd+-ion-implanted polymer 1-gen-2020 Di Benedetto, F.; Esposito, C.; Protopapa, M. L.; Piscopiello, E.; Massaro, M.; Cassano, G.; Filiberto, V.; Palmisano, M.; Tapfer, L.
Growth, optical, and wettability properties of iron modified titania and ferropseudobrookite thin films 1-gen-2021 Ferrara, M. C.; Mazzarelli, S.; Schioppa, M.; Pilloni, L.; Tapfer, L.
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