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High temperature stability of a commercial terphenyl-based thermal oil 1-gen-2021 Mansi, E.; Sau, S.; Balog, I.; Caputo, G.; Corsaro, N.; Tiranti, G.; Filippi, F.; Panza, F.; Ratto, N.; Simonetti, A.; Tizzoni, A. C.; Ciotti, M.; Cemmi, A.; Annesini, M. C.
High temperature stresses in brazed Glidcop/W model structures of interest for ITER divertor technology 1-nov-2005 Nardi, C.; Coppola, R.; Braham, C.; Valli, M.
A high voltage cathode prepared by using polyvinyl acetate as a binder 1-gen-2015 Masci, A.; Carewska, M.; Prosini, P. P.
High-accuracy 233U(n,f) cross-section measurement at the white-neutron source n_TOF from near-thermal to 1 MeV neutron energy 8-ott-2009 Ventura, A.; Rosetti, M.; Mengoni, A.
High-accuracy azimuth measurements: The ENEA solar compass in its instrumental and smart version 1-gen-2021 Bollanti, S.; Andreoli, F.; Cafarella, L.; de Meis, D.; Di Lazzaro, P.; Di Mauro, D.; Flora, F.; Gallerano, G. P.; Mezi, L.; Murra, D.; Murra, L.; Vicca, D.; Zirizzotti, A.
High-accuracy determination of the neutron flux at n_TOF 1-gen-2013 Mengoni, A.
High-accuracy determination of the neutron flux in the new experimental area n_TOF-EAR2 at CERN 1-gen-2017 Mengoni, A.; Lo Meo, S.; Cortés, G.; Castelluccio, D. M.
High-accuracy determination of the U 238 / U 235 fission cross section ratio up to ≈1 GeV at n-TOF at CERN 1-gen-2015 Lo Meo, S.
High-accuracy orientation survey in the Tiberius’ Cave near Sperlonga 1-gen-2022 Flora, F.; Andreoli, F.; Bollanti, S.; De Franceschini, M.; Di Lazzaro, P.; Gallerano, G. P.; Mezi, L.; Murra, D.; Veneziano, G.
High-current laser-driven beams of relativistic electrons for high energy density research 1-gen-2020 Rosmej, O. N.; Gyrdymov, M.; Gunther, M. M.; Andreev, N. E.; Tavana, P.; Neumayer, P.; Zahter, S.; Zahn, N.; Popov, V. S.; Borisenko, N. G.; Kantsyrev, A.; Skobliakov, A.; Panyushkin, V.; Bogdanov, A.; Consoli, F.; Shen, X. F.; Pukhov, A.
High-density molecular characterization and association mapping in Ethiopian durum wheat landraces reveals high diversity and potential for wheat breeding 1-gen-2016 Catellani, M.
High-efficiency standard and inverted polymer solar cells based on PBDTTT-C:[70]PCBM blend 1-gen-2014 Bobeico, E.; Ricciardi, R.; Diana, R.; Morvillo, P.
High-frequency depositional cycles within the late Quaternary alluvial succession of Reno River (Northern Italy) 1-gen-2015 Bartolomei, P.
High-heat-flux performance limit of tungsten monoblock targets: Impact on the armor materials and implications for power exhaust capacity 1-gen-2022 You, J. -H.; Greuner, H.; Boswirth, B.; Hunger, K.; Roccella, S.; Roche, H.
High-heat-flux technologies for the European demo divertor targets: State-of-the-art and a review of the latest testing campaign 1-gen-2021 You, J. H.; Visca, E.; Barrett, T.; Boswirth, B.; Crescenzi, F.; Domptail, F.; Dose, G.; Fursdon, M.; Gallay, F.; Greuner, H.; Hunger, K.; Lukenskas, A.; Muller, A. V.; Richou, M.; Roccella, S.; Vorpahl, C.; Zhang, K.
High-intensity static magnetic field exposure devices for in vitro experiments on biopharmaceutical plant factories in aerospace environments 1-gen-2015 Benvenuto, E.; Pinto, R.; Lopresto, V.; Merla, C.
High-Level Analysis of Flux Measurements in Tokamak Machines for Clustering and Unsupervised Feature Selection 1-gen-2020 Spinosa, A. G.; Iafrati, M.; Mazzitelli, G.; Arena, P.; Buscarino, A.; Fortuna, L.
High-level Waste Partitioning: Status and Prospects in Europe 29-mar-1996 Nannicini, R.; Madic, C.; Kolarik, Z.; Hudson, M. J.; Facchini, A.
High-performance Fe(Se,Te) films on chemical CeO2-based buffer layers 1-gen-2023 Piperno, L.; Vannozzi, A.; Augieri, A.; Masi, A.; Mancini, A.; Rufoloni, A.; Celentano, G.; Braccini, V.; Cialone, M.; Iebole, M.; Manca, N.; Martinelli, A.; Meinero, M.; Putti, M.; Meledin, A.
A high-power and fast charging Li-ion battery with outstanding cycle-life 1-gen-2017 Reale, P.
Mostrati risultati da 4.745 a 4.764 di 11.876
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