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How the amplitude modulation of n-laser stimuli could change our way to observe submerged and emerged worlds 1-gen-2013 Nuvoli, M.; Francucci, M.; Fornetti, G.; De Collibus, M. F.; De Dominicis, L.; Guarneri, M.
How the italian residential sector could contribute to load flexibility in demand response activities: A methodology for residential clustering and developing a flexibility strategy 1-gen-2020 Mancini, F.; Romano, S.; Basso, G. L.; Cimaglia, J.; De Santoli, L.
How the reconstruction of faunal communities in a marine protected area (Columbretes Reserve, western Mediterranean) evidence human and natural impacts on fauna 1-gen-2022 Cartes, J. E.; Diaz-Vinolas, D.; Schirone, A.; Lombarte, A.; Barsanti, M.; Delbono, I.; Salas, C.; Gofas, S.; Serrano, A.; Santos-Echeandia, J.
How to assess the efficiency of synchronization experiments in tokamaks 1-gen-2016 Frigione, D.
How to Assess the Sensitivity and Related Uncertainty of a New Solid State Passive Thoron Measuring Device 1-mag-2009 Penzo, S.; Calamosca, M.
How to Ensure Seismic Safety of Schools, Hospitals, Museums and Other Strategic or Public Structures if the Existing Buildings Are Monumental or Simply Old 1-gen-2014 Martelli, A.; Clemente, P.; De Stefano, A.
How to overcome barriers limiting LCA adoption? The role of a collaborative and multi-stakeholder approach 1-gen-2022 Testa, F.; Tessitore, S.; Buttol, P.; Iraldo, F.; Cortesi, S.
How to process sputum samples and extract bacterial DNA for microbiota analysis 1-gen-2018 Bevivino, A.
How to select knowledge management systems: A framework to support managers regular paper 1-gen-2013 Hanandi, M
Hp(3)/f conversion coefficients for neutrons: Discussion on the basis of the new icrp recommended limit forthe eye lens 1-gen-2014 Fantuzzi, E.; Gualdrini, G.; Ferrari, P.
An HPC-data center case study on the power consumption of workload 1-gen-2019 Quintiliani, A.; Chinnici, M
HR-MAS NMR metabolic profiling, furosine and (E)-10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid for qualitative and geographical discrimination of royal jelly 1-gen-2013 Lamanna, R.
HRP facility for fabrication of ITER vertical target divertor full scale plasma facing units 1-gen-2015 Giacomi, G.; Reale, A.; Mugnaini, G.; Cerri, V.; Cacciotti, E.; Verdini, L.; Mancini, A.; Pizzuto, A.; Rossi, P.; Roccella, S.; Visca, E.
HT-XRD analysis of W thick coatings for nuclear fusion technology 1-gen-2014 Maddaluno, G.
HTS Axial flux permanent magnets electrical machine prototype: Design and test results 1-gen-2019 Messina, G.; Tamburo De Bella, E.; Morici, L.
HTS coils fabrication from commercial 2G YBCO tapes: Measurements and simulation 1-gen-2014 Della Corte, A.; Viola, R.; Morici, L.; Messina, G.; Marchetti, M.; Celentano, G.; Vetrella, U. B.
Human exposure to wireless power transfer systems: A numerical dosimetric study 1-gen-2017 Lopresto, V.; Pinto, R.
Human medulloblastoma cell lines: Investigating on cancer stem cell-like phenotype 1-gen-2020 Casciati, A.; Tanori, M.; Manczak, R.; Saada, S.; Tanno, B.; Giardullo, P.; Porcu, E.; Rampazzo, E.; Persano, L.; Viola, G.; Dalmay, C.; Lalloue, F.; Pothier, A.; Merla, C.; Mancuso, M.
Human vulnerability mapping facing critical service disruptions for crisis managers 1-gen-2017 Rosato, V.
Humans and water in desert “refugium” areas: Palynological evidence of climate oscillations and cultural developments in early and mid-holocene Saharan edges 1-gen-2015 Giraudi, C.
Mostrati risultati da 4.765 a 4.784 di 11.749
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