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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Thermal neutron radiative capture on cadmium as a counting technique at the INES beam line at ISIS: A preliminary investigation of detector cross-talk 1-gen-2017 Pietropaolo, A.
Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Zirconia Powder and Preparation of Premixed Ca-Doped Zirconia 1-gen-2019 Iovane, P.; Borriello, C.; Portofino, S.; De Girolamo Del Mauro, A.; Magnani, G.; Minarini, C.; Galvagno, S.
Thermal properties of shape-stabilized phase change materials based on porous supports for thermal energy storage 1-gen-2021 Dominici, F.; Miliozzi, A.; Torre, L.
Thermal Radiation, Spreading and Cooling of Melts: Phenomena to Achieve Ex-Vessel Corium Retention 22-nov-1995 Passalacqua, R.; De Cecco, L.; Cognet, C.
Thermal stability and oxidizing properties of mixed alkaline earth-alkali molten carbonates: A focus on the lithium-sodium carbonate eutectic system with magnesium additions 1-gen-2013 Scaccia, S.; Frangini, S.
Thermal Stability of Sputtered Tungsten Nitrides for Solar Thermal Applications 1-gen-2022 Castaldo, A.; Gambale, E.; Iemmo, L.
Thermal storage of sensible heat using concrete modules in solar power plants 1-gen-2014 Miliozzi, A.; Giannuzzi, G. M.
Thermal to GeV neutron spectrometry of the INES beam line at ISIS using the CYSP-BEAM spectrometer 1-gen-2019 Bedogni, R.; Gomez-Ros, J. M.; Scherillo, A.; Costa, M.; Pietropaolo, A.
Thermal treatment of waste photovoltaic module for recovery and recycling: Experimental assessment of the presence of metals in the gas emissions and in the ashes 1-gen-2015 Salluzzo, A.; Fiandra, V.; Tammaro, M.; Rimauro, J.
Thermal Valve System for LWR Applications 25-ago-1997 Meloni, P.; Bianchi, F.; Gautier, G. M.; Pignatel, J. F.
Thermal Valve: Final Report on CATHARE & RELAP Modelisation and Calculations for Steady State and Transient 23-gen-1998 Pignatel, J. F.; Meloni, P.
Thermal-electric model for piezoelectric ZnO nanowires 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Thermal-hydraulic analysis for first wall and thermal shield of Divertor Tokamak test facility 1-gen-2019 Maviglia, F.; De Luca, R.; Roccella, S.; Maddaluno, G.; Ramogida, G.; Visca, E.
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of HELENA facility 1-set-2011 Oriolo, F.; Fusani, J.; Forgione, N.
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of the DEMO WCLL elementary cell: BZ tubes layout optimization 1-gen-2020 Edemetti, F.; Di Piazza, I.; Del Nevo, A.; Caruso, G.
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of the DTT CS and PF pulsed coil performance during AC operation 1-gen-2021 Bonifetto, R.; Di Zenobio, A.; Muzzi, L.; Zanino, R.; Zappatore, A.; Turtu', S.
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of the DTT Toroidal Field Magnets in DC Operation 1-gen-2020 Bonifetto, R.; Di Zenobio, A.; Muzzi, L.; Turtù, Simonetta; Zanino, R.; Zappatore, A.
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of the IFMIF Target Based on the Frascati Design Parameters 3-nov-1997 Giusti, D.; Cevolani, S.
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility 9-set-2002 Ferri, R.; Cattadori, G.; Meloni, P.; Burgazzi, L.; Bianchi, F.
Mostrati risultati da 11.151 a 11.170 di 12.091
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