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Volume fraction determination of microgel composed of interpenetrating polymer networks of PNIPAM and polyacrylic acid 1-gen-2021 Franco, S; Buratti, E; Ruzicka, B; Nigro, V; Zoratto, N; Matricardi, P; Zaccarelli, E; Angelini, R
Volume orientation: a practical solution to analyse the orientation of fibres in composite materials 1-gen-2019 de Pascalis, F.; Nacucchi, M.
The Vortex Path Model Analysis of the Field Angle Dependence of the Critical Current Density in Nanocomposite YBa2Cu3O7-x – BaZrO3 Films Obtained by Low Fluorine Chemical Solution Deposition 1-gen-2014 Celentano, G.; Augieri, A.
Vortex Pinning and Flux Flow Microwave Studies of Coated Conductors 1-gen-2019 Pompeo, N.; Torokhtii, K.; Alimenti, A.; Mancini, A.; Celentano, G.; Silva, E.
Vortex pinning properties at dc and microwave frequencies of YBa2Cu3O7-x films with nanorods and nanoparticles 1-gen-2020 Bartolome, E.; Alcala, J.; Valles, F.; Puig, T.; Obradors, X.; Pompeo, N.; Alimenti, A.; Torokhtii, K.; Rizzo, F.; Augieri, A.; Celentano, G.; Silva, E.; Palau, A.
Voting behavior in proportional elections from agent-based models 1-gen-2015 Palombi, F.
Vulnerability Analysis and Seismic Retrofit of a Strategic Building 1-gen-2017 Bongiovanni, Giovanni; Buffarini, G.; Clemente, P.; Saitta, F.
VUV-Vis optical characterization of Tetraphenyl-butadiene films on glass and specular reflector substrates from room to liquid Argon temperature 1-gen-2013 Vincenti, M. A.; Nichelatti, E.; Montereali, R. M.
VviAGL11 self-regulates and targets hormone- and secondary metabolism-related genes during seed development 1-gen-2022 Amato, Alessandra; Cardone, Maria Francesca; Ocarez, Nallatt; Alagna, Fiammetta; Ruperti, Benedetto; Fattorini, Chiara; Velasco, Riccardo; Mejía, Nilo; Zenoni, Sara; Bergamini, Carlo
VviRafS5 Is a Raffinose Synthase Involved in Cold Acclimation in Grapevine Woody Tissues 1-gen-2022 Noronha, H.; Silva, A.; Silva, T.; Frusciante, S.; Diretto, G.; Geros, H.
W-DHR Testing in CIRCE Facility - RELAP5/Mod3.3 Pre.Test Calculations 20-giu-2008 Meloni, P.; Bandini, G.
The W1-M3A multidisciplinary off-shore observing system 1-gen-2013 Picco, P.
Wall conditioning and density control in the reversed field pinch RFX-mod 1-gen-2013 Mazzitelli, G.
Wall heat transfer coefficient and effective radial conductivity of ceramic foam catalyst supports 1-gen-2020 Turchetti, L.; Murmura, M. A.; Monteleone, G.; Annesini, M. C.
Waste tire recycling process for production of steam activated carbon in a pilot plant 1-gen-2018 Iovane, P.; Rimauro, J.; Donatelli, A.; Molino, A.
Waste-To-methanol: Direct co2 emissions assessment for the methanol production from municipal waste-derived syngas 1-gen-2021 Catizzone, E.; Giuliano, A.; Barletta, D.
A wastewater treatment using a biofilm airlift suspension reactor with biomass attached to supports: a numerical model 1-gen-2014 Torretta, Vincenzo; Mancini, Giuseppe; Luciano, Antonella; Viotti, Paolo
Water absorption in rubber-cement composites: 3D structure investigation by X-ray computed-tomography 1-gen-2019 Di Mundo, R.; Dilonardo, E.; Nacucchi, M.; Carbone, G.; Notarnicola, M.
Water and steam injection in micro gas turbine supplied by hydrogen enriched fuels: Numerical investigation and performance analysis 1-gen-2021 Reale, F.; Sannino, R.
Water cooled and gas cooled SEAFP fusion plant models comparison based on the outside-cryostat dose rates 1-set-2003 Chiasera, A.; Cepraga, D. G.
Mostrati risultati da 11.951 a 11.970 di 12.102
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