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Optical properties and influence of reflective coatings on the energy demand and thermal comfort in dwellings at Mediterranean latitudes 1-gen-2008 Zinzi, M.
Determinazione delle proprietà termofisiche di materiali ad elevata riflettanza solare per applicazioni a scala urbana: limiti e potenzialità 1-set-2012 Fasano, G.; Carnielo, E.; Zinzi, M.
Self-cleaning ability and cooling effect of TiO2-containing mortars 1-gen-2013 Zinzi, M.
Optical and thermal characterisation of cool asphalts to mitigate urban temperatures and building cooling demand 1-gen-2013 Zinzi, M.
Impact of a cool roof application on the energy and comfort performance in an existing non-residential building. A Sicilian case study 1-gen-2013 Zinzi, M.; Romeo, C.
Cool Roofs' Case Studies 1-gen-2013 Zinzi, M.
Effect of ageing on solar spectral reflectance of roofing membranes: Natural exposure in Roma and Milano and the impact on the energy needs of commercial buildings 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Polycarbonate panels for buildings: Experimental investigation of thermal and optical performance 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Preliminary studies of a cool roofs' energy-rating system in Italy 1-gen-2014 Federici, A.; Zinzi, M.
On the solar reflectance angular dependence of opaque construction materials and impact on the energy balance of building components 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Retrofit of an existing school in Italy with high energy standards 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Transparent multilayer ETFE panels for building envelope: Thermal transmittance evaluation and assessment of optical and solar performance decay due to soiling 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Spectral light transmission measure of metal screens for glass façades and assessment of their shading potential 1-gen-2014 Zinzi, M.
Spectral and angular solar properties of a PCM-filled double glazing unit 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Simulating switchable glazing with energy plus: An empirical validation and calibration of a thermotropic glazing model 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Metal mesh as shading devices and thermal response of an office building: Parametric analysis 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Soiling of building envelope surfaces and its effect on solar reflectance - Part III: Interlaboratory study of an accelerated aging method for roofing materials 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Energy and environmental monitoring of a school building deep energy renovation in Italy 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
The daylighting contribution in the electric lighting energy uses: EN standard and alternative method comparison 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Thermal and optical properties of a thermotropic glass pane: Laboratory and in-field characterization 1-gen-2015 Zinzi, M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 75
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