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Symbiosis Users Network - SUN Proceedings of the fourth SUN Conference - November 4th 2020 1-gen-2021 Beltrani, T.; La Monica, M.
Symbiosis Users Network - SUN Proceedings of the third SUN Conference. Best practices on industrial symbiosis in Italy and the contribution of regional policies - Rimini, November 7th 2019 1-gen-2020 Beltrami, Tiziana; La Monica, Marco
Symbiotic and optimized energy supply for decarbonizing cheese production: An Italian case study 1-gen-2022 Chinese, D.; Orru, P. F.; Meneghetti, A.; Cortella, G.; Giordano, L.; Benedetti, M.
Symbolic methods for the evaluation of sum rules of Bessel functions 1-gen-2013 Dattoli, G.
Symmetry breaking of ion temperature gradient mode structure: From local to global analysis 1-gen-2017 Zonca, F.
Sympherobius Banks, 1904, a new hemerobid genus for the Azorean archipelago (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae ) 1-gen-2015 Borges, Paulo A. V.; Da Ponte, Nuno Bicudo; Letardi, Agostino
Synchrotron x-ray quasi-far-field imaging on luminescent lithium fluoride detectors 1-mar-2016 Baumbach, Tilo; Cecilia, Angelica; Somma, Fabrizia; Montereali, R. M.; Vincenti, M. A.; Bonfigli, F.; Nichelatti, Enrico
Synergistic Action of Mild Heat and Essential Oil Treatments on Culturability and Viability of Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 Tested In Vitro and in Fruit Juice 1-gen-2022 Di Gregorio, L.; Tchuenchieu, A.; Poscente, V.; Arioli, S.; Del Fiore, A.; Costanzo, M.; Giorgi, D.; Lucretti, S.; Bevivino, A.
Synergistic inflammatory effect of PM10 with mycotoxin deoxynivalenol on human lung epithelial cells 1-gen-2015 Gualtieri, M.
Synergistic use of Lagrangian dispersion and radiative transfer modelling with satellite and surface remote sensing measurements for the investigation of volcanic plumes: The Mount Etna eruption of 25-27 October 2013 1-gen-2016 Monteleone, F.; Meloni, D.; Di Sarra, A.
Synergy and Networking to maximise impact of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - Status in June 2018 1-gen-2018 Costanzo, Ezilda
Synergy of satellite remote sensing and numerical ocean modelling for coastal geomorphology diagnosis 1-gen-2019 Benincasa, M.; Falcini, F.; Adduce, C.; Sannino, G.; Santoleri, R.
Syngas clean up and waste water management in an industrial gasification plant fed by biomass and agro-industrial residues 1-gen-2019 Calì, G.; Deiana, P.; Bassano, C.; Melon, S.; Maggio, E.; Mascia, M.
Syngas derived from lignocellulosic biomass gasification as an alternative resource for innovative bioprocesses 1-gen-2020 Ciliberti, C.; Biundo, A.; Albergo, R.; Agrimi, G.; Braccio, G.; de Bari, I.; Pisano, I.
Syngas production, clean-up and wastewater management in a demo-scale fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification unit 1-gen-2020 Cali, G.; Deiana, P.; Bassano, C.; Meloni, S.; Maggio, E.; Mascia, M.; Pettinau, A.
Synthesis and catalytic performances evaluation of FER-based catalysts with different acidity in methanol conversion to DME 1-gen-2017 Braccio, G.
Synthesis and Characterization of a Composite Anion Exchange Membrane for Water Electrolyzers (AEMWE) 1-gen-2023 Rakhshani, S.; Araneo, R.; Pucci, A.; Rinaldi, A.; Giuliani, C.; Pozio, A.
Synthesis and characterization of biodiesel from Aamla oil: A promoting non-edible oil source for bioenergy industry 1-gen-2015 Sharma, V. K.
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanofluids Useful in Concentrated Solar Power Plants Produced by New Mixing Methodologies for Large-Scale Production 1-gen-2018 Crescenzi, T.; Miliozzi, A.
Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanotubes as anodic material in lithium-ion batteries 1-gen-2013 Zaza, F.; Pozio, A.
Mostrati risultati da 10.887 a 10.906 di 12.098
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