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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Vacuum vessel contact dose build-up from start to end of ITER operations 1-ott-2003 Chiasera, A.; Cepraga, D. G.
Valence band offset at the CdS/Cu2ZnSnS4 interface probed by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 1-gen-2013 Mittiga, A.; Chierchia, R.; Valentini, M.; Malerba, C.; Biccari, F.; Santoni, A.
A validated slow-growth in vitro conservation protocol for globe artichoke germplasm: A cost-effective tool to preserve from wild to elite genotypes 1-gen-2015 Papacchioli, V.; Tavazza, R.
Validating of Severe Accident Codes Against Phebus FP for Plant Applications (PHEBEN2) 12-nov-2001 Guentay, S.; De Rosa, F.; Brayer, C.; Dickinson, S.; Jones, A. V.
Validation and performance analysis of a parallel ported code for simulating the effects of lightning strokes on telecommunication buildings 1-gen-1997 D'Atanasio, P.; Busuoli, M.; Rubino, E.
Validation and uncertainty analysis of ASTEC in early degradation phase against QUENCH-06 experiment 1-gen-2023 Maccari, P.; Bersano, A.; Ederli, S.; Gabrielli, F.; Mascari, F.
Validation approaches for a biological model generation describing visitor behaviours in a cultural heritage scenario 1-gen-2015 De Michele, P.; Ponti, G.
Validation of a 1D thermal-hydraulic module against Circe experimental data 18-set-2012 Zanino, R.; Savoldi Richard, L.; Bonifetto, R.
Validation of a biomarker tool capable of measuring the absorbed dose soon after exposure to ionizing radiation 1-gen-2021 Giovanetti, A.; Marconi, R.; Awad, N.; Abuzied, H.; Agamy, N.; Barakat, M.; Bartoleschi, C.; Bossi, G.; Canfora, M.; Elsaid, A. A.; Ioannilli, L.; Ismail, H. M.; Issa, Y. A.; Novelli, F.; Pardini, M. C.; Pioli, C.; Pinnaro, P.; Sanguineti, G.; Tahoun, M. M.; Turchi, R.; Strigari, L.
Validation of a Lagrangian dispersion model implementing different kernel methods for density reconstruction 1-dic-2006 Zanini, G.; Sachero, V.; Monforti, F.; Vitali, L.
Validation of a multiscale coupling algorithm by experimental tests in tall-3D facility 1-gen-2020 Cervone, A.; Chierici, A.; Chirico, L.; Vià, R. D.; Manservisi, S.
Validation of CESAR Thermal-Hydraulic Module of ASTEC V1.2 Code on BETHSY Experiments 30-gen-2006 Meloni, P.; Bandini, G.
Validation of eVerdEE results - Application to two case studies: a domestic cooker hood and a three phases induction motor 13-mag-2015 Zamagni, Alessandra; Scalbi, Simona; Mengarelli, Marco; Cortesi, Sara; Buttol, Patrizia
Validation of innovative infrastructure in support of the science in Antarctica 1-gen-2023 Ascione, Rocco
Validation of modelled imaging plates sensitivity to 1-100 keV x-rays and spatial resolution characterisation for diagnostics for the "pETawatt Aquitaine Laser" 1-gen-2016 Consoli, F.; De Angelis, R.
Validation of Neutronic Methods Applied to the Analysis of Fast Subcritical Systems: the Muse-2 Experiments 5-ott-1997 Peluso, V.; Broccoli, U.; Bertrand, P.; Lebrat, J. F.; Martini, M.; Jacqmin, R.; Salvatores, M.; Soule, R.
Validation of Nuclear Data for Transmutation from the Evaluation of Mox Fuel Irradiations 8-mag-2000 Ventura, A.; Jacqmin, R.; Pilate, S.
Validation of OMI satellite erythemal daily dose retrievals using ground-based measurements from fourteen stations 1-gen-2013 di Sarra, A.
Validation of severe accident codes against Phebus FP for plant applications: Status of the PHEBEN2 project 1-gen-2003 De Rosa, F.
Validation of special processes for the integration activities of the JT-60SA TF coils manufactured in Italy 1-gen-2015 Cocilovo, V.; Cucchiaro, A.; Polli, G. M.
Mostrati risultati da 11.719 a 11.738 di 12.097
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