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Radio frequency sputtered Al:ZnO-Ag transparent conductor: A plasmonic nanostructure with enhanced optical and electrical properties 1-gen-2013 Piegari, A.; Rinaldi, A.; Luisa Grilli, M.; Sytchkova, A.
Bottom-up modeling of damage in heterogeneous quasi-brittle solids 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, A.
Surface plasmons for performance enhancement of R.F. sputtered silver-AZO transparent electrodes 1-gen-2013 Piegari, A.; Rinaldi, A.; Grilli, M. L.; Sytchkova, A.
Piezo-semiconductive quasi-1D conical NWs for high performance nanodevices 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, A.
Mechanics of quasi-1D ZnO nanostructures for energy harvesting 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, A.
Accurate analysis of the piezopotential and the stored energies in laterally bent piezo-semiconductive NWs 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, A.
Accurate models for the current-voltage characteristics of vertically compressed piezo-semiconductive quasi-1D NWs 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, A.
The Krajcinovic approach to model size dependent fracture in quasi-brittle solids 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.
ZnO nanowires strips growth: Template reliability and morphology study 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.
Development of nanocomposites for conservation of artistic stones 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.; Pilloni, L.; Persia, F.; Giancristofaro, C.; Caneve, L.; D'Amato, R.
The clash of mechanical and electrical size-effects in ZnO nanowires and a double power law approach to elastic strain engineering of piezoelectric and piezotronic devices 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.
Performance of nanocomposites for preservation of artistic stones 1-gen-2014 Persia, F.; Rinaldi, A.; Pilloni, L.; Caneve, L.; D'Amato, R.
Current-voltage characteristics of ZnO nanowires under uniaxial loading 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.
Effect of the scaling of the mechanical properties on the performances of ZnO piezo-semiconductive nanowires 1-gen-2014 Rinaldi, A.
Thermal-electric model for piezoelectric ZnO nanowires 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Two-dimensional discrete damage models: Discrete element methods, particle models, and fractal theories 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
A primer of statistical methods for correlating parameters and properties of electrospun poly(l -lactide) scaffolds for tissue engineering-PART 2: Regression 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Two-dimensional discrete damage models: Lattice and rational models 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Protective coating from manganese cobalt oxide powders obtained by high energy ball milling: Materials characterization and cell environment testing 1-gen-2015 Padella, F.; Rinaldi, A.; Reale, P.; Pumiglia, D.; Mcphail, S.; Bellusci, M.; Masi, A.
A route for reliable conductive scanning probe characterization of FIB machined ZnO nanopillars 1-gen-2015 Rinaldi, A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 57
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