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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Kaluza-Klein theories in the framework of polymer quantum mechanics 1-gen-2021 Montani, G.; Segreto, S.
The Karlsruhe Astrophysical Database of Nucleosynthesis in Stars Project - Status and Prospects 1-gen-2014 Mengoni, A.
Karyotype of globe artichoke (cynara cardunculus var. scolymus): Preliminary studies to define its chromosome morphology 1-gen-2013 Crinò, P.; Lucretti, S.; Grosso, V.; Farina, A.; Pandozy, G.; Giorgi, D.
Key comparison BIPM.RI(I)-K1 of the air-kerma standards of the ENEA-INMRI, Italy and the BIPM in 60Co gamma radiation 1-gen-2015 Kessler, Cecilia; Pinto, Massimo; Cappadozzi, Gianluca; Silvestri, Claudia; Bovi, Maurizio; Toni, MARIA PIA
Key comparison BIPM.RI(I)-K2 of the air-kerma standards of the ENEA-INMRI, Italy and the BIPM in low-energy x-rays 1-gen-2011 Burns David, T; Kessler, Cecilia; Roger, Philippe; Toni, MARIA PIA; Pinto, Massimo; Bovi, Maurizio; Cappadozzi, Gianluca; Silvestri, Claudia
Key Economic Drivers Enabling Municipal Renewable Energy Communities’ Benefits in the Italian Context 1-gen-2023 Ruggieri, G.; Gambassi, R.; Zangheri, P.; Caldera, M.; Verde, S. F.
Key role of Monte Carlo modeling for dosimetry studies at the ENEA - Radiation protection institute 1-lug-2005 Gualdrini, G.
Kf evaluation in GFRP composites by thermography 1-gen-2021 De Giorgi, M.; Nobile, R.; Palano, F.
Kinematic analysis of water polo player in the vertical thrust performance to determine the force-velocity and power-velocity relationships in water: A preliminary study 1-gen-2021 Annino, G.; Romagnoli, C.; Zanela, A.; Melchiorri, G.; Viero, V.; Padua, E.; Bonaiuto, V.
Kinematic observations and energy modeling of a Zoz Simoloyer high-energy ball milling device 1-gen-2013 Padella, F.; Bellusci, M.
Kinetic assessment of Ni-based catalysts in low-temperature methane/biogas steam reforming 1-gen-2016 Giaconia, A.; Monteleone, G.; Turchetti, L.
Kinetic effects of thermal ions and energetic particles on discrete kinetic BAE mode generation and symmetry breaking 1-gen-2018 Zonca, F.
Kinetic parameter estimation for methanol dehydration to dimethyl ether over sulfonic and polymeric acid catalysts 1-gen-2020 Barbarossa, V.; Viscardi, R.; Di Nardo, A.; Santagata, A.
Kinetic parameters of the GUINEVERE reference configuration in VENUS-F reactor obtained from a pile noise experiment using Rossi and Feynman methods 1-gen-2015 Carta, M.
Kinetic theory of geodesic acoustic modes in toroidal plasmas: A brief review 1-gen-2018 Zonca, F.
Kinetics of CO2 methanation on a Ru-based catalyst at process conditions relevant for Power-to-Gas applications 1-gen-2018 Deiana, P.; Bassano, C.
Kinetics of deuteration of the Pd0.772Ag0.228 alloy with α/β phase transition by in-situ neutron diffraction 1-gen-2019 Catti, M.; Fabelo, O.; Filabozzi, A.; Pietropaolo, A.; Santucci, A.; Tosti, S.
"Knowledge Extraction from Social Media Web Sources: Elements affecting Web Crawling and Data Analytics Tasks in ENEAGRID" 1-gen-2020 Alderuccio, D.; Migliori, S.
Knowledge management and routing in embodied agents networks 1-gen-2013 Snels, C.; Moriconi, C.
Knowledge, Diagnostics and Preservation of Cultural Heritage 1-gen-2012 Clemente, P.; Di Lazzaro, P.; Giorgi, R.
Mostrati risultati da 5.843 a 5.862 di 12.105
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