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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Study of the electroluminescence of highly stereoregular poly(N-pentenyl-carbazole) for blue and white OLEDs 1-gen-2017 Minarini, C.; Fasolino, T.; De Girolamo Del Mauro, A.; Prontera, C. T.; Maglione, M. G.
Study of the eu-demo wcll breeding blanket primary cooling circuits thermal-hydraulic performances during transients belonging to lofa category 1-gen-2021 Ciurluini, C.; Giannetti, F.; Del Nevo, A.; Caruso, G.
Study of the feasibility of experiments in the TAPIRO reactor and of adjustment methods to improve nuclear data 1-gen-2016 Carta, M.; Fabrizio, V.; Caron, D.; Dulla, S.; Ravetto, P.
Study of the impact of low vs. high resolution meteorology on air quality simulations using the MINNI model over italy 1-gen-2013 Zanini, G.; Righini, G.; Piersanti, A.; Cremona, G.; Ciancarella, L.; Pace, G.; Cappelletti, A.; Briganti, G.; Cionni, I.; Vitali, L.; Mircea, M.; D'Isidoro, M.
A Study of the Influence on the Molten Corium-Concrete Interaction of an above-Locate Cloud of Aerosols 1-mag-1996 Shubenkov, A.; Renault, C.; Passalacqua, R.; De Pascale, C.; Cognet, C.
Study of the microstructure of inkjet-printed P3HT:PCBM blend for photovoltaic applications 1-gen-2013 Villani, F.; Loffredo, F.; Diana, R.; Grimaldi, I. A.; Morvillo, P.
Study of the optical properties of ionic liquids by Liquid Scintillation Counting 1-gen-2020 Rizzo, A.; Canducci, C.; Telloli, C.; Ubaldini, A.; Bartolomei, P.
Study of the parameters of zeolites synthesis from coal fly ash in order to optimize their CO2 adsorption 1-gen-2020 Verrecchia, G.; Cafiero, L.; de Caprariis, B.; Dell'Era, A.; Pettiti, I.; Tuffi, R.; Scarsella, M.
Study of the radiation damage of Silicon Photo-Multipliers at the GELINA facility 1-gen-2014 Pietropaolo, A.
Study of the response of a piezoceramic motor irradiated in a fast reactor up to a neutron fluence of 2.77E+17 n/cm2 1-gen-2015 Santagata, A.; Fiorani, O.; Carta, M.; Rossi, P.; Neri, C.; Mugnaini, G.; Monti, C.; Pillon, M.
Study of the yield of D-D, D-3He fusion reactions produced by the interaction of intense ultrafast laser pulses with molecular clusters 1-gen-2013 Andreoli, P.; Angelis, R. D.; Consoli, F.
Study of TiO2 P25nanoparticles genotoxicity on lung, blood, and liver cells in lung overload andnon-overload conditionsafter repeated respiratory exposure in rats 1-gen-2017 Pacchierotti, F.; Eleuteri, P.; Cordelli, E.
A study of traffic emissions based on floating car data for urban scale air quality applications 1-gen-2021 Russo, F.; Villani, M. G.; D'Elia, I.; D'Isidoro, M.; Liberto, C.; Piersanti, A.; Tinarelli, G.; Valenti, G.; Ciancarella, L.
Study on a compact and adaptable Thomson Spectrometer for laser-initiated 11B(p;α)8Be Be reactions and low-medium energy particle detection 1-gen-2016 Ingenito, F.; Giorgio, G. D.; Cipriani, M.; Cristofari, G.; Angelis, R. D.; Consoli, F.; Andreoli, P.
A study on non-stoichiometric p-NiOx/n-Si heterojunction diode fabricated by RF sputtering: Determination of diode parameters 1-gen-2016 Grilli, M. L.
Study on optical properties and γ-ray irradiation resistance of heavy metal oxide tellurite glasses 1-gen-2015 Cemmi, A.; Baccaro, S.
A study on sodalite pellets as matrix for spent chloride salts confinement 1-gen-2016 Fedeli, C.; Capone, M.
A study on sputtered ultrathin chromium films for optical applications 1-gen-2021 Belosludtsev, A.; Sytchkova, A.; Baltrusaitis, K.; Gric, T.
Study on the Fuel Flexibility of a Microgas Turbine Combustor Burning Different Mixtures of H2, CH4, and CO2 1-gen-2020 Di Nardo, A.; Bo, A.; Calchetti, G.; Giacomazzi, E.; Messina, G.
A study on the pulse height resolution of organic scintillator digitized pulses 1-gen-2013 Riva, M.; Marocco, D.; Esposito, B.; Belli, F.
Mostrati risultati da 10.381 a 10.400 di 11.749
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