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Sputter-deposited ag nanoparticles on electrospun pcl scaffolds: Morphology, wettability and antibacterial activity 1-gen-2021 Valerini, D.; Tammaro, L.; Vitali, R.; Guillot, G.; Rinaldi, A.
Sputtered WO3 films for water splitting applications 1-gen-2016 Rizzo, A.; Di Benedetto, F.; Valerini, D.
Squeezing of toroidal accretion disks 1-gen-2013 Montani, G.
Stability and detection performance of a GEM-based Optical Readout TPC with He/CF4 gas mixtures 1-gen-2020 Baracchini, E.; Benussi, L.; Bianco, S.; Capoccia, C.; Caponero, M.; Cavoto, G.; Cortez, A.; Costa, I. A.; Di Marco, E.; D'Imperio, G.; Dho, G.; Iacoangeli, F.; Maccarrone, G.; Marafini, M.; Mazzitelli, G.; Messina, A.; Nobrega, R. A.; Orlandi, A.; Paoletti, E.; Passamonti, L.; Petrucci, F.; Piccolo, D.; Pierluigi, D.; Pinci, D.; Renga, F.; Rosatelli, F.; Russo, A.; Saviano, G.; Tomassini, S.
Stability and seismic analyses of leaning towers: The case of the minaret in Jam 1-gen-2015 Platania, L.; Buffarini, G.; Saitta, F.; Clemente, P.
“STABILITY AND SEISMIC VULNERABILITY OF THE STYLITE TOWER AT UMM AR-RASAS„ 1-gen-2019 Clemente, P.; Delmonaco, G.; Puzzilli, L.; Saitta, F.
Stabilizing Periodic Orbits in Chaotic Neural Dynamic 31-dic-1992 Tondinelli, L.
Stable operation at disruptive limits by means of EC at ASDEX Upgrade 1-gen-2015 Pucella, G.; Cianfarani, C.; Esposito, B.
Stacking of predictors for the automatic classification of disruption types to optimize the control logic 1-gen-2021 Murari, A.; Rossi, R.; Lungaroni, M.; Baruzzo, M.; Gelfusa, M.
A stakeholder engagement approach for identifying future research directions in the evaluation of current and emerging applications of GMOs 1-gen-2017 Arpaia, S.
A stalactite record of four relative sea-level highstands during the Middle Pleistocene Transition 1-gen-2017 Lo Presti, V.; Antonioli, F.
Standard creation and adoption for SME networks. 1-giu-2010 D'Agosta, G.; Frascella, A.; Novelli, C.; Brutti, A.; Gessa, N.; De Sabbata, P.
Standardized characterization of inkjet-printed explosive trace samples 1-gen-2019 Schnurer, F.; Ulrich, C.; Chirico, R.; Di Frischia, S.; Moon, R.; Hung, K.
Standardized methods for measuring radionuclides in drinking water 1-ago-2006 Luciani, A.
Standoff monitoring of aqueous aerosols using nanosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: Droplet size and matrix effects 1-gen-2017 Lazic, V.
Stars in five-dimensional Kaluza–Klein gravity 1-gen-2011 Montani, G.
Start-up and shutdown thermomechanical transient analyses of the IFMIF European lithium target system 1-gen-2014 Serra, M.; Miccichè, G.; Frisoni, M.; Bernardi, D.
Start-up of a Pilot-Scale Membrane Bioreactor to treat Municipal Wastewater 1-feb-2009 Spagni, A.; Innella, C.; Ferraris, M.
State of the Art in HGPT Methodology 29-ott-1993 Gandini, A.
Mostrati risultati da 9.409 a 9.428 di 10.940
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