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Nome #
Experimental activity in the ENEA-Frascati irradiation facility with 3-7 MeV protons 129
Radiation testing for space applications at ENEA Frascati 35 MeV proton linear accelerator 118
Observation of time-domain modulation of free-electron-laser pulses by multipeaked electron-energy spectrum 110
IRIDE: Interdisciplinary research infrastructure based on dual electron linacs and lasers 110
Evaluation of saturation dose in spatial distributions of color centers generated by 18 MeV proton beams in lithium fluoride 107
Two color FEL driven by a comb-like electron beam distribution 104
Lithium fluoride thin film detectors for low-energy proton beam diagnostics by photoluminescence of colour centres 98
Simple characterization method of small high gradient permanent magnet quadrupoles 96
Solid state detectors based on luminescent point defects in lithium fluoride for proton beam diagnostics 93
Dose response and Bragg curve reconstruction by radiophotoluminescence of color centers in lithium fluoride crystals irradiated with 35 MeV proton beams from 0.5 to 50 Gy 79
Visible photoluminescence of color centers in lithium fluoride detectors for low-energy proton beam Bragg curve imaging and dose mapping 67
Optical investigation of radiation-induced color centers in lithium fluoride thin films for low-energy proton-beam detectors 64
Visible photoluminescence of color centers in LiF crystals for advanced diagnostics of 18 and 27 MeV proton beams 62
Proton beam applications for silicon bulk micromachining 59
Analysis of Roman Imperial coins by combined PIXE, HE-PIXE and μ-XRF 58
The radiation fields around a proton therapy facility: A comparison of Monte Carlo simulations 57
Wave theories of non-laminar charged particle beams: From quantum to thermal regime 54
Modelling of photoluminescence from F2 and F3+ colour centres in lithium fluoride irradiated at high doses by low-energy proton beams 52
Visible photoluminescence of aggregate colour centres in lithium fluoride thin films for low-energy proton beam radiation detectors at high doses 51
A proton therapy test facility: The radiation protection design 51
Two-Color Radiation Generated in a Seeded Free-Electron Laser with Two Electron Beams 50
Proton irradiations of Micro-Tom red hairy roots to mimic space conditions 50
Characterization of 27 mev proton beam generated by top-implart linear accelerator 48
Algorithm for inversion of photoluminescent Bragg curves in lithium fluoride applied to the analysis of proton beam energy spectra 47
Compact and tunable focusing device for plasma wakefield acceleration 46
Bragg peak imaging in lithium fluoride films by photoluminescent color centers induced by proton beams 44
Large-bandwidth two-color free-electron laser driven by a comb-like electron beam 43
Photoluminescence of radiation-induced color centers in lithium fluoride thin films for advanced diagnostics of proton beams 43
Experimental results on scdtl structures for protons 43
First acceleration of a proton beam in a side coupled drift tube linac 42
Sparc lab recent results 42
Characterization of the THz radiation source at the Frascati linear accelerator 42
Novel schemes for the optimization of the SPARC narrow band THz source 40
Optical spectroscopy and imaging of colour centres in lithium fluoride crystals and thin films irradiated by 3 MeV proton beams 40
RF system design for the TOP-IMPLART accelerator 40
An analytical approximation of proton Bragg curves in lithium fluoride for beam energy distribution analysis 40
Beam characterization methods at the TOP-IMPLART proton linear accelerator: An application to space components qualification 39
Bragg-curve imaging of 7 MeV protons in a lithium fluoride crystal by fluorescence microscopy of colour centres 39
Electromechanical analysis of scdtl structures 39
Challenges in plasma and laser wakefield accelerated beams diagnostic 37
Status of the TOP-IMPLART proton LINAC 37
Issues with phase space characterization of laser-plasma generated electron beams 37
Proton beam spatial distribution and Bragg peak imaging by photoluminescence of color centers in lithium fluoride crystals at the TOP-IMPLART linear accelerator 37
SPARC-LAB present and future 36
Dual color X-rays from Thomson or Compton sources 35
Proton beam dose-mapping via color centers in LiF thin-film detectors by fluorescence microscopy 34
Recombination effects in the ionization chambers dose delivery monitor of the TOP-IMPLART proton beam 34
Generation of a train of short pulses by means of fel emission of a combed electron beam 33
Primary and aggregate color centers in proton irradiated LiF crystals and thin films for luminescent solid state detectors 33
Electron Linac design to drive bright Compton back-scattering gamma-ray sources 32
Solid state detectors based on point defects in lithium fluoride for advanced proton beam diagnostics 32
Concept and performance evaluation of two 3 GHz buncher units optimizing the dose rate of a novel preclinical Proton minibeam irradiation facility 31
Phase space distribution of an electron beam emerging from Compton/Thomson back-scattering by an intense laser pulse 30
Semi-analytical model of self-amplified spontaneous-emission free-electron lasers, including diffraction and pulse-propagation effects 29
Optimization of the theoretical dose distribution in the “Spread out Bragg Peak” (SOBP) region in proton therapy by means of semi-analytical techniques 28
The SPARC-LAB high peak power THz source: Different methods of generation and characterization 27
Dual color x rays from Thomson or Compton sources 26
The SPARC linear accelerator based terahertz source 26
Design and test of a compact beam current monitor based on a passive RF cavity for a proton therapy linear accelerator 23
Photoluminescent Bragg curves in lithium fluoride thin films on silicon substrates irradiated with a 35 MeV proton beam 17
Radiation testing of a commercial 6-axis MEMS inertial navigation unit at ENEA Frascati proton linear accelerator 13
Semianalytical tool for spread-out Bragg peak optimization in an active energy-modulation proton therapy linac 3
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